Ivan Bidzyura

Position: Director of Aliev Azerbaijani-Ukrainian Institute of Social Sciences and self-government

Titles, degrees, awards, etc.: Doctor of Political Science, Candidate of Economic Science, Professor of IAPM, Academician of the Academy of social technologies and local self-government in Moscow, Ukrainian Academy of Science.

State awards: Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, 2000

The honorary title "Honored worker of Agriculture of Ukraine", 2002

Date and place of birth: 1957, Volyn region.


Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (Kyiv), specialty: "Economics and organization of agriculture";

Academy of Public Administration of the President of Ukraine (Kyiv), specialty: "Manager of Public administration".


1996-2005 - Deputy Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration;

2000-2006 - Associate Professor of Political Science DragomanovNPU;

Research interests: ethnic policy and system reform, national state;

Public work: Head of Association of gifted rural youth;

Scientific works and publications:

"Basics of entrepreneurship and agribusiness", textbook. -  K.: 2001. - 320 p.

"The agricultural sector of Kyiv region", textbook. -  K.: 2001. - 95 p.

Monograph. "Philosophy of systemic reforms in Ukraine at the turn of the century" - K.: textbook, 2004.

"Science role in radical reforms in the society structure" // The new paradigm: Almanac of scientific publications. - Vol. 36 – 2006.

"Politological reflection in the context of the triad "parliamentary - civil society - legal state" // Scientific works of IAPM. - K.: IAPM, 2007. - Vol. № 1. - 62-68 p.

"Elitologic concept V.Lypynskoho in contexts politology-ethnological triad being polynational countries"peripheral areas - all-country centerofpolitical nation" // Scientific works of IAPM. - K.: IAPM, 2007. - Vol. № 2. - 75-81 p.

Hobbies: home, garden, outfitting, fishing

Tel.: 8 (044) 494-47-33, 524-92-58

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