Mykola Holovaty

Candidate of Historical Science (1980), Assistant Professor, Doctor of Political Science (1996), Professor.Full Member (Academician), Professor of Philosophy and Political Science of International Personnel Academy (1997).Member of the Academy of Social Technologies and Local Government (Russia).Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Science (Ukraine).Honored worker of education of Ukraine.Holder of orders, medals, diplomas and other awards.

Born: August 26, 1943 (Kyiv region, Grebinky, Vasylkiv district), Ukrainian, have no party affiliation. His father died in the war, mother is a pensioner.

Education: He graduated from trade school № 1 in Dnepropetrovsk. (1963 p.), Historical faculty of the Mechnikov State University in Odessa (1969 p.).

Professional and community activities:

1968 - 1980 - Work in the Komsomol.

1968 -1996 - Teacher of Political Science; Associate Professor of Political Science of Institute of Social Management; Head of Department, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian research Institute of the youth problems.

From 1996 - Deputy Minister of Ukraine of Family and Youth.

From November 1998 to January 5, 1999 - Head of the Humanitarian Policy Department of the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

From January 10, 1999 - Director of the Institute of management and business, and from May - Vice President of Interregional Academy of Personnel, Chairman of the Confederation of private higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

From 2004 to 25 December 2008 - Rector of IAPM.

From December 25, 2008 - Vice-Rector of research of IAPM.

He worked in various groups of preparation of presidential elections in Ukraine, people's deputies, the advisory committees in the Parliament of Ukraine, headed the organizing committees for the preparation of congresses, conferences, symposia, meetings, developed and implemented international projects and programs.

Consultant of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Science and Education.Chairman of the expert committee of the Ministry of Family and Youth on youth programs and projects.

Research interests: youth, students, youth policy, the political culture of young people, citizens; politology; sociology policies; political parties and processes; political marketing and management, political technologies, political psychology; democratization of society; social work; sociology of youth; psychology of communication in a team; team management; civil society; spirituality, etc.

Author of more than 200 works, chief among them books and scientific monographs:

"Student: path for personality" - M., 1982;

"To the young man, who thinks about the life" - M., 1987;

"Youth policy in Ukraine: problems of renewal" - K., 1993;

"The political culture of students: peculiarities of formation in modern conditions" - K., 1994;

"Youth Sociology" - K., 1999;

"Learn how to learn" - K., 2000;

"Profession - politician" - K., 2000;

"Political Psychology" - K., 2001;

"The art of politics" - K., 2002;

"Teach yourself" - K., 2002;

"Sociology of politics" - K., 2003 and others.

Trips abroad (exchange group training, delegation, youth projects, events, conferences, seminars, international meetings, symposia): Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Austria, France, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Belgium and others.

Hobbies: journalism, prose (author of short stories, novels), fishing.

Tel.: 264-52-54.

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