Nikolai Kurko

Position: Vice-president of IAPM.

Titles, degrees, awards, etc.

Doctor of Law (2010).


Academician of the Academy of Science of Ukraine (2010).

Major-General of police.

Honorary title "Honoured lawyer of Ukraine".

Education: Dnipropetrovsk Special High School of Militia of the USSR MIA (1975).

Kharkiv Law Institute (1981.).

MIA Academy of the USSR (1985)


1973 -2005 - Work in the Internal Affairs Authorities of Ukraine.

2007 - 2010 - Deputy Director, scientific work.

Since October 2010 - Vice-rector of the academic work, General Director of the Presidential University, Director of Volodymyr the Great Institute of Law of  IAPM.

Scientific works and publications: Author of more than 50 works, including monograph "Legal administrative regulation of higher education in Ukraine" Kharkov, 2010, "The legal system of Ukraine" Kyiv, 2002. (Co-author)

Hobbies: Sports, historical and legal literature.

Tel.: (044) 490-95-21 int. 12-41

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