Victor Litvinenko

Litvinenko Viktor Ivanovich

Full Name: Litvinenko Viktor Ivanovich

Position: Director of Prince Volodymyr the Great Institute of Law at Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Titles, degrees, awards: Doctor of Law, Associate Ministry of Education, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Order "For Merit" III degree (1999), award of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Cross of Glory" (1998) and 12 other departmental medals and insignia of Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

Date and place of birth: September 30, 1952, Kirovograd in Kirovograd region


Faculty of Physical Education, Pushkin Kirovograd Pedagogical Institute named (1978),

Law Faculty of Mechnikov Odessa State University (1984),

MIA Academy of the USSR (1989),

JSC "Institute of Intellectual and Property Law" (2004).


1973 - 2005 - Service in the Internal Affairs of the USSR and Ukraine,

Head of the Criminal Investigation in Kirovograd region, Deputy Chief of the fight against organized crime Ukraine, Head of the State Service for Fighting Economic Crimes in MIA of Ukraine, Head of the Higher academic courses of National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

1996 - special training course was held at the Academy of the FBI, 1998., the Ministry of Justice on the fight against corruption and organized crime;

1999 - was a member of the International conference on fighting organized crime in Eastern Europe (Marshall city center, Munich, Germany);

2010 – 2011 - Professor of the Administrative Law Department, Volodymyr the Great Institute of Law, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management;

2011 – 2012 - Head of Sector for prevention and detection of corruption, National Commission for State Communications and Information; Regulation

2012 - Present - Director of Volodymyr the Great Institute of Law, Professor of Security, Law enforcement and Anti-corruption activities at IAPM.

Research interests: problems of fighting organized crime and corruption

Scientific papers and publications: аuthor of over 60 scientific publications and articles, including books: "The organizational and tactical framework to fight organized crime" (2002), "Fighting corruption in Ukraine: administrative and legal framework" (2015) and co-author of the first in Ukraine textbook "Organizational and legal security of private detectives in Ukraine" for students, whose field of study is "Law enforcement", specialization "Private detective activity"

Hobbies: sport, tourism, dancing

Work phone: (044) 490-95-11

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