On the way of development of theological thought of Ukraine

30 Січня 2018 15:34

The Spiritual Education Center of the Holy Apostles of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and the Union of Orthodox Youth of Ukraine in the name of the Rev. Nestor of the Chronicler of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for the first time in Ukraine issued a manual "Introduction to Orthodox theology" for a secular audience. The manual outlines the general notions of Christian theology, the fundamental aspects of the Orthodox faith, the basis of Christian morality, and also provides theological reflections of outstanding figures on the history of Orthodoxy. The authors of the manual were Archimandrite Gabriel (Ya. V. Krizina), Doctor of Theology, Professor; archpriest Dionisius Martyshyn; Doctor of Theology, Head of the Department of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and theology IAPM; priest Pavlo Bochkov, doctor of theology, professor of the Institute of Modern Humanities. According to publishers, the manual may be useful for teachers, high school students and students, as well as for anyone interested in the problems of modern Orthodox theology.

The reviewers of the manual came from world-famous European and Ukrainian scholars: Archpriest Jan Thaffin, Professor of theology, Professor, Dean of the Orthodox Theological Faculty of Presov University in Pryshiv (Slovakia); Archimandrite Nestor (Soenok), doctor of theology, professor of the Kiev Theological Academy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church; G. Sagache, Doctor of Pedagogy, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Theological Sciences. The prominent Orthodox theologian of today, the religious thinker and philosopher - Archpriest Jan Shaffin in his review noted that the authors of the manual quite successfully submitted the entire spectrum of theological mosaic of modern Orthodoxy, making a significant contribution to the substantiation of methodological approaches and methods of theological research of social and spiritual problems of Ukrainian society. .

Famous scientists, students, parishioners of the church in honor of the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles of the IAPM, in particular, the rector of IAPM - Kurko N.N., Doctor of Law, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, attended the presentation of the textbook; Vice-rector for the development of general secondary education in IAPM - Yarova VI I., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, professor of IAPM.

It is worth noting that at the time of the establishment and development of Ukraine as an independent and independent state, Orthodox theological thought is also being revived as an integral part of Ukrainian culture and history. Theology, as a branch of knowledge about God, the world and man, greatly expands the means and possibilities of spiritual tempering the character of a young person, the formation of a worldview and the education of her spirituality, the ability to strengthen her motherland on the principles of Christian faith and morals.

Listening to the thoughts of young people, their views, taking into account the peculiarities of the ideals of the modern world, the comprehensive interests, demands and needs of boys and girls, the authors successfully presented a brief statement of theological (theological) thought of the Orthodox Church, objectively described the Orthodox faith, church practice the very life of a believer. In an effort to convey the voice of the prominent contemporary theologians of the Orthodox Church, the authors collected texts from famous theologians and presented them in the form of a textbook at the end of each lesson.

The manual can be used not only in high school gymnasiums, schools, lyceums, but also in teaching courses in Orthodox theology in higher education institutions.




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