Our Celebrities

BRONEVITSKY SERGEY PETROVICH – Head of the municipal enterprise "Center of planning and architecture" of the Kyiv state administration

GISCHAC NIKOLAI MIRONOVICH – Head of the Kyiv Youth Labour Exchange

HOTSKYY NIKOLAY NIKOLAEVICH – Director of JV "Solomiya", Deputy of the faction "Block Litvina" in Kyiv city Council

DANEVYCH NIKOLAY VLADIMIROVICH – Deputy Head of Holosiivskyi district, Kyiv city Council


KAPUSTYANSKI PETRO ZAKHAROVICH – Vice-Rector of Institute of personnel training of the State employment service of Ukraine

KOLODYUK VLADIMIR VIKTOROVICH –President of Holding "Aventures Group"

KOSTENKO VITALY MIKHAILOVICH – Deputy Head of JSC "Kyiv electric railway car repair plant".

LEGEZA NIKOLAI ANDREEVICH – Adviser of Head of the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine

MELNYCHUK LARISA YRIEVNA - Corporation "SPIG"Interpipe", Director of Department of interaction with public authorities, Deputy of the "Chernivtskyi Block"

POZHIDAEV VALENTIN VLADIMIROVICH – First Deputy Head of Federation of trade unions of Ukraine

RAZORENOV IGOR – multiple World champion, silver medalist of Olympic Games in Athens 2004

REMEN ELENA NIKOLAEVNA – the Deputy Director of State Department of adoption and protection of child rights

SAKHATSKY VLADIMIR ALEKSEEVICH – Deputy Head of Department of town planning and architecture of Holosiivskyi district, Kyiv state administration

SYCHEV VYACHESLAV ALEKSANDROVICH – The Head of the Bank’s board "European"

SKAKUN NATALIA  – Olympic champion in weightlifting

SELEZNEV DMITRY NIKOLAEVICH – Director of Limited Liability Company "United Business Corporation"

TADEYEV ELBRUS – three-time world champion and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling

FEDORYSHYN  VASYL – five-time European champion, silver medalist of the Olympic games in Beijing

SHATSKIKH VLADIMIR – two-time world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling

SHCHEKIN ROSTISLAV GEORGIEVICH – Deputy Head of the Supervisory Board of IAPM

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