Scientific works of IAPM

"Scientific papers of IAPM" collection is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificate of 19.05.2011, number 17808-6658PR, series HF) as a scientific publication, which highlights research in fields of political science, law, economics, psychology, education, materials of scientific conferences.

The collection is published since 2001. Since 2006 4 works in fields of "Economics", "Politology", "Psychology", "Legal Science" are issued annually. 

Publication "Scientific works of IAPM" is admitted as professional, by the higher attestation Commission of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in the areas of:

  • Political sciences (decision of the Presidium of the HAC № 1-05/4 from 26.05.2010)
  • Jurisprudence (decision of the Presidium of the HAC № 1-05/5 from 31.05.2011)
  • Economic sciences (order of MES of Ukraine from 21.11.13 No. 1609) 
Editorial design 

Each issue of "Scientific papers of MAUP" is printed by recommendation of the Academic Council of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Editorial design of the publication is carried out in full compliance with state standards and requirements of HAC of Ukraine. 

Circulation of the collection is 300 copies. Publication is sent to libraries:

  • National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine,
  • Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine,
  • State scientific and technical library of Ukraine,
  • Stefanik Lviv State Scientific Library,
  • Gorky Odessa State Scientific Library,
  • Korolenko Kharkiv State Scientific Library,
  • Book Chamber of Ukraine. 

Electronic versions of "Scientific works of IAPM" is on the website of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine to 2013 and in the new version since 2013.

Guidelines for the pre-editorial preparation of scientific articles for publication in "Scientific works of IAPM» 

Editorial Board
  • Podolyaka A. M., Doctor of Jurisprudence – Chief editor
  • Golovaty M. F., Doctor of Political Science, Professor – Deputy editor
  • Ignatchenko, A. A., Candidate of Technical Science – Executive editor
  • Editorial Board of Political Science as at June 30, 2013

    Antonyuk, E. V., Doctor of Political Science, Professor.

    Babkina O.V., Doctor of Political Science, Professor.

    Bidzura I. P., Doctor of Political Science.

    Varzar I.M., Doctor of Political Science, Professor.

    Golovaty M.F., Doctor of Political Science, Professor.

    Goncharenko O. M., Doctor of Historical Science.

    Pilyaev I. S., Doctor of Political Science.

    Khizhnyak I. A., Doctor of Historical Science, Professor.

    Shuba O.V., Doctor of Political Science, Professor.

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  • Editorial Board of Legal Science as at June 30, 2013

    Aleksandrov Y.V., Candidate of Law, Professor.

    Anufriev M.I., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Bandurka A.A., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Borodin I.L., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Garkusha V.S., Candidate of Legal Science, Associate Professor.

    Demchenko S.F., Doctor of Law.

    Dzhun V.V., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Kovalska V.V., Doctor of Law, Senior Scientist.

    Kornienko M.I., Candidate of Law, Professor.

    Kurko M.N., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor.

    Martynenko O.A., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Muroviev K.V., Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.

    Nedyuha M.P., PhD, Professor.

    Podolyaka A.M., Doctor of Law, Professor.

    Temchenko V.I., Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.

    Hrystynchenko N.P., Candidate of Law.

    Yuldashev A.H., Doctor of Law Professor.

    Yarmysh O.N., Doctor of Law, Professor.

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  • Editorial Board of Economics Science as at June 30, 2013

    Baeva E.V., Doctor of Biological Science, Professor.

    Dakhno I.I., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Dmitrenko G.A., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Zahozhaj V.B., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Kurochenko O.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Pila V.I., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Radzievskii A.I., Doctor of Economics.

    Safonova V.E., Doctor of Economics.

    Fedorenko V.G., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Khachatryan G.E., Doctor of Economics.     

    Shvets V.Y., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

    Shostak L.B., Doctor of Economics, Professor.

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  • Editorial Board of Psychology as at June 30, 2013

    Ball G.A., Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

    Buchek A.O., Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor.

    Lihotskyy A.O., Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor.

    Lozhkyn G.V., Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

    Prikhodko J.O., Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

    Synov V.M., Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor.

    Chernukha N.M., Doctor of Pedagogical Science.

    Chuprikov A.P., Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

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  • Scientific Council of the publication "Scientific papers of IAPM" in "Jurisprudence"

    Kornienko Mikhail Vasilievich, Doctor of Law, Professor, honored lawyer of Ukraine, Head of the Scientific Council.

    Aristova Irina Vasilivna, Doctor of Law, Professor, Sumy National agrarian University, Head of the Department of administrative and information law

    Belous Victor Tarasovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, National University of state tax service of Ukraine, Head of Department of Financial law.

    Zarosylo Vladimir Alekseevich, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, National Academy of Internal Affairs, Head of the department of Administrative law.

    Kopylenko Alexander Leonidovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Legislation of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Director.

    Negodchenko Alexander Vladimirovich, Doctor of Law, Professor, honored lawyer of Ukraine.

    Petkov Sergey Valerievich, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Classical private University, Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work and international relations.

    Sushchenko Viktor Dmitrievich, Candidate of Law, Professor, national Academy of Internal Affairs, Professor of management authorities of internal affairs.

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