Subdepartment of International Relations and Tourist Activity Organization

The Subdepartment is located in building № 23, office 6.

The subdepartment provides training of specialists in such fields of knowledge, professions and majors as:

  • Field of knowledge 29 “International Relations,” profession 291 “International relations, public communications and regional studies,” major “International relations and diplomacy (EU countries)” under the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education.
  • Field of knowledge 24 “Services sector,” profession 242 “Tourism,” major “International tourism” under the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education.
  • Field of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration,” profession 073 “Management,” major “Tourism and hotel business management” under the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education.

The subdepartment provides teaching of the following disciplines:

For students learning the profession 291 “International relations, public communications and regional studies”:

  • bachelor’s degree program: “Introduction to the profession “International relations, public communication and regional studies, “History of international relations, “History of diplomacy,” “Theory of international relations,” “Country studies, “The economy and foreign economic relations of Ukraine,” “Internal political development of world countries,” “National symbols of world countries,” “Diplomatic protocol and etiquette,” “Diplomatic and consular service,” “International organizations,” “Foreign policy of regional countries (European Union countries),” “European integration,” “Conflict resolution studies and negotiation theory,” “Information and analytical activities in international relations,” “International information ”,“ International relations and world politics,” “International economic relations,” “ Geopolitics,” and “Foreign policy of Ukraine”;
  • master’s degree program: “Current issues of foreign policy of European countries,” “National and regional security problems,” “Foreign policy analysis,” “World Politics,” “Current Issues of Foreign policy of Ukraine,” “Information and analytical support for foreign policy of the NATO Countries,” “System of international relations,” “Ethics in international relations,” and “Diplomacy of Ukraine.”

For students learning the profession 242 “Tourism”:

  • bachelor’s degree program: “Introduction to the profession “Tourism,” “Tourism geography,” “Tourism history,” “Basics of tourism studies,” “Tourist country studies,” “Basics of international tourism,” “Information systems and technologies in tourism,” “Basics of hotel management,” “Business training on organizational work of tourism enterprises,” “Organization of tourist trips,” “Legal support in tourism,” “Organization of excursion activities,” “Management in tourism,” “Organization of the catering industry,” “Ecology,” “Organization of entertainment activities,” “Standardization and certification of tourism services,” “Marketing in tourism,” “Tour operating business,” “Organization of hotel management,” “Ecological tourism,” “Safety basics in tourism,” “Basics of the transportation system of Ukraine,” “Organization of sanatorium-and-health-resort services,” “Management of tourism industry entities,” “Economics of a tourism enterprise,” “Basics of managing quality of tourism services,” “Basics of scientific research in the tourism sector,” “Rural green tourism,” “Market of international tourism services,” “Transport services in tourism,” and “Insurance in tourism”;
  • master’s degree program: “International tourism,” “TNCs in tourism,” “Management of quality of tourism services,” “Scientific research in the tourism sector,” “Management of tourist compounds,” and “Motivation of personnel of tourism industry entities.”

For students learning the profession 073 “Management” (major “Tourism and hotel business management”):

  • bachelor’s degree program: “Tourism geography,” “Recreational compounds of the world,” “History of the hotel and tourism industry,” “Basics of tourism studies,” “Organization of work of hospitality outlets,” “Business training on organizational work of tourism enterprises,” “Legal support for hotel and tourism activities,” “Advertising activities in tourism,” “Tour operating business,” “Tourism and hospitality management,” “Standardization and certification of tourism services and hotel management,” “Organization of health resort treatment tourism,” “Transport services in tourism,” and “Insurance in hotel and tourism business”;
  • master’s degree program: “International tourism,” “Management of tourism services quality,” “Project management in tourism,”, “Methodology and organization of scientific research in tourism and hotel business,” “Quality management in the area of tourism and hotel management”, and “State and regional management of tourism and hotel management.”

Academic personnel of the Subdepartment of International relations and Tourist Activity Organization

The Subdepartment is headed by Holtsov, Andrii Hennadiyovych – Doctor of Political Science, PhD in Geography.

Teaching personnel:

Khraban, Ihor Anatoliyovych – Doctor of Political Science, Professor

Piliaev, Ihor Slavovych – Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor

Alekseichenko, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych – PhD in Political Science

Borynska, Olha Leonidivna – PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor

Perehuda, Yulia Andriivna -- PhD in Geography

Tiurina, Olena Mykolaivna – PhD in Political Science

Kryvoberets, Maryna Mykolaivna – PhD in Economics

The Subdepartment does research into the topic “International Relations and Processes of Globalization: the Challenges of Modernity” (Director – Doctor of Political Science Holtsov A. H.).

Research and educational personnel of the Subdepartment conduct research on a wide range of scientific topics: integration processes in Europe, international political aspects of Ukraine's participation in European and Euro-Atlantic integration, theoretical and applied issues of geopolitics and geostrategy, global problems of humankind, theoretical and applied problems of national and regional (European) security, and international regional studies.

The Subdepartment hosts a students’ scientific circle “Current Issues of International Relations” (Director – Doctor of Political Science, Prof. Khraban, I.A.).

The host institutions where students do their practical training include the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, diplomatic missions of foreign states in Ukraine, representative offices of international organizations, joint ventures, representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine, Ukrainian companies operating in world markets, travel companies, hotel compounds etc.

The Subdepartment maintains stable ties with potential places of employment of its graduates. There are regular meetings of students with heads and responsible representatives of institutions and enterprises -- employers of future specialists.

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