Institute of Computer Information Technology and Design

Bldg. 24, tel. 490-95-19

Institute of Computer Information Technology and Design (ICITD) was established on April 3, 2017 at the initiative of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

ICITD is a new generation institute whose goal is to train high-level IT professionals through affiliate training programs from Microsoft, Cisco, and Autodesk. The realization of the goal implies completely new, updated and time-adjusted curricula and licensed areas of preparation with the issuance of a document on completion of training of the state sample and with the issuance of international certificates of Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk.

Чолишкіна Ольга Геннадіївна

Head of the Institute - Olga Cholyshkina, Ph.D. of Technical Sciences.

Phone: 490-95-19, inside.15-22 (building 24, office 8)

e-mail : [email protected]

Graduated from Dnipro National University. A. Gonchar, Faculty of Mechanical and Mathematical Sciences (2002), Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty "Information Technologies" (2010).

The educational process was based on European requirements and educational standards in combination with traditional and up-to-date educational technologies recommended by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports and our partners Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk, who control the quality of our educational services.

Employees form an innovative, educational environment that provides:

  • a completely new content of education, which will allow to prepare competitive IT - specialists, with appropriate mastering of skills and abilities for practical activity in the chosen specialty;
  • comprehensive improvement of the professional skills of teachers through mastering innovative and experimental-experimental types of training in order to train specialists in the European type of thinking;
  • strengthening the material and technical base through the acquisition of modern computer technology, classroom equipment with modern training tools, the creation of appropriate practical platforms for project activities on the example of the Cisco laboratory;
  • attracting practitioners of IT companies with international certificates for teaching subjects and conducting relevant practical work;
  • Encouraging students to study for further internship and employment at leading IT companies in the country and Europe.

The main objective of the ICITD activity is to qualitatively prepare competitive specialists in the field of information technologies that meet the modern requirements of the world labor markets.

Faculty structure:


Area of expertise, specialty


Computer information systems and technologies

12 Information technology

121 Software Engineering

Applied programming (with advanced study of specialized disciplines)

Web Development: Website Development

Blockchain and application software

12 "Information Technology"

122 Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer games and applied programming (with advanced study of specialized disciplines) NEW !!!

Networking technologies and system administration

Computer Science

Analytics of information systems

Computational Mathematics and Computer Modeling



Information security



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