Department of Civil and International Law

Departments of commercial and labour law and civil disciplines were created in 1994 together with the Institute of Law. Prince Vladimir the Great. On February 1, 2017 the department was renamed into the Department of Economic, Labour Law and Civil Law Disciplines. On September 2, 2019 the department was renamed to the Department of Civil and Commercial Law.

Head of Department

Dmytro Myniuk - Candidate of Law, Associate Professor,

Experience: 2005 - present - Attorney at Law Council of Advocates of Kyiv Region, From 2015 till now he is engaged in pedagogical activity

He has more than 20 published scientific and a number of educational and methodical works. Of these: three co-authored textbooks, including one under the Grief Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; 20 scientific articles in professional editions of Ukraine. He participated in 5 international scientific-practical conferences.

Deputy Head of the Department

Valentina Chuenko - Candidate of Law

Since 2014 she has been engaged in scientific activity in the field of public international law. She has six years of experience in law. Today he is a practicing lawyer and practicing law.

For the last five years, she has actively participated in scientific conferences and roundtables on topical issues of legal science and practice. She has five scientific papers in professional journals on issues related to the legal regulation of refugee status in the European Union.

She participated in the working groups of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement Activities, which considered the issues of elaboration of systemic changes to the Criminal Procedure Code and the issue of approval of the new text of the article of the Criminal Procedure Code on illegal enrichment.

Alexandra Soroka

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

Professor of the Department of Civil and Commercial Law, Deputy Director of the Educational-Scientific Institute of Law named after Prince Vladimir the Great

From 2010 to the present she has been teaching. Has 5 scientific articles, participated in international scientific and practical conferences.

Anna Kurtakova

Doctor of Philosophy in Law. Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Commercial Law.

Head of the department of extracurricular work of IAPM. Scientific and pedagogical activity for more than 10 years.


Elena Mikhatulina - Doctor of Philosophy in Law, Professor of the Department of Civil and Commercial Law.

Her Scientific and pedagogical activity began in 2002.

She has a considerable number of scientific works, the author of many textbooks, teaching aids and monographs.

Vera Baranovska Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Commercial Law Prince Vladimir the Great.

Scientific and pedagogical activity - 12 years.

Member of the specialized scientific council for the protection of theses for the degree of Candidate of Law in the specialty:

12.00.01 - Theory and History of State and Law; history of political and legal scholars;

12.00.04 - business law; commercial procedural law at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Mission of the Department of Civil and Commercial Law:

formation of professional competences and personal qualities of competitive, creative and innovative-thinking personnel who are able to realize their knowledge and skills in the field of law in the domestic and international labor markets on the basis of:

  • continuous modernization of the educational process;
  • performing at the appropriate scientific and methodological levels scientific research on the problems of Civil and Commercial Law;
  • introduction of advanced technologies and techniques;
  • organization of the educational process for training highly qualified specialists in the field of law;
  • continuous participation of the department's staff in organizing and conducting IAUP and the Institute of Law on Educational Work with Students
  • stimulating interest in creative and research work;
  • providing scientific and methodological assistance to the students in the deep knowledge of the modern theory and practice of using Civil and Commercial Law

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