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"Perlyna" of IAPM took part in the Second China Xinjiang International Dance Festival in China

01 Серпня 2011 12:22

Recently Folk Dance Ensemble "Perlyna" of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management returned from the People's Republic of China, where our team was invited to attend the Second China Xinjiang International Dance Festival. The festival took place from 20 July to 5 August in Urumqi, the administrative center of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (northwest China) supported by the Ministry of Culture of China, the Press Office of the PRC State Council and the national government's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


The festival was attended by art groups from 15 countries: India, Korea, Russia, Botswana, Spain, Kazakhstan and others. Ukraine was represented at the event by Dance Ensemble "Perlyna" of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. The aim of the festival is to use art of dance as a bridge for cultural exchange between the peoples of the world and China. During the festival were held 74 concerts in 7 theaters and concert halls in the city of Urumqi.

On the Dance Festival and participation of the IAPM student dance group in this international cultural event told the artistic director of the ensemble Andriy Olexandrovich Naumenko.

– Tell us how you were met in China?

– We were greeted very hospitably and warmly, festival organizers attached  great importance to security and living conditions of the participants, so we are very grateful and satisfied with the reception of the Chinese side. The festival was organized in a high professional manner, both technically and from the communication side. In addition, the level of the participants of the festival is very high; mainly they are professional groups, known in their countries, so it’s a great honor for us to perform with them on the festival stage. For members of the group it is a rewarding experience of performances on the big stage, the experience of endurance, self-discipline, ability to show the best that we can, to present worthily their country and their educational institution. I think our participation in cultural activities of such level once again proves the rule that the hard and diligent work of all staff always gives a positive result.

– How were your performances taking place?

– Firstly, we were invited to participate in the gala concert marking the opening of the festival. The concert was called "Let's Dance" and consisted of four parts, dedicated to corresponding seasons of the year. It was very interesting, entertaining and we acted together with other groups. Then dance ensemble "Perlyna" gave four solo concerts in various halls of Urumqi, surprising organizers by endurance and discipline of dancers and duration of concert program. Whereas other teams brought from 5 to 8 dance solos, our program could continuously last up to 1.5 hours. Festival organizers stressed that our solo program was the best solo of the festival. Following performance results, we received an honorary award of the festival, as it was called by organizers of the festival - the Medal of Peace (International Friendship Award). In addition, we have already received an invitation to the next festival to be held in 2013.

– How was "Perlyna" perceived by the audience?

– It was so nice to watch the warm welcome of visitors, they were impressed by enthusiasm, energy and enthusiastic, emotional performance of our young dancers. So, after one of our concerts, the audience said in an interview with local television: "Only very happy people can dance like that." This is a high appreciation of our work and real result, because we try to carry the feeling of joy and happiness on stage.

– In addition, you also acquaint visitors with folk dances.

– Yes, by the way, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region folk dances are paid very much attention, they study dances of different nations here, encourage the development of national teams. In Xinjiang live about 13 ethnic groups, the largest of which – the Uighurs, as well as Mongolians, Kazakhs and others. I will add that Ukrainian dances became a breakthrough for Chinese viewers, before us at this artistic event no one represented the following types of dances as "Hopak", "Dibrovchanka", "Horlytsya" and others. So, that was our zest – we showed just a traditional folk dance.

– You could also join the unique cultural and historical world of China?

– Yes, we had one day when we visited Beijing, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City. In addition, the organizers invited us to visit the State Reserve Tian Chi (Heaven Lake) and historical monument "Red Mountain" in Urumqi. Of course, this breath of antiquity gives unique sensation. We are happy that were able to see it all and also appreciate the management of the Academy for support in our journey.

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