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A contract concerning establishment of an IAPM Open Education Center in Lower Saxony (Federal Republic of Germany) is signed.

12 Жовтня 2009 16:03

On October 5, 2009, a contract was signed at the IAPM providing for establishment of an Open Education Center in Lower Saxony (Germany) under the auspices of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. IAPM Chancellor Valeriy Zakhozhaï and President of company “Ost-West Brücke” Kostiantyn Serhiyenko signed this cooperative agreement. The future training unit is intended to enroll for studies German citizens but, first of all, those having come from Ukraine and in general from the post-soviet area, who now permanently reside in Germany and are German citizens. As a rule, they have a good command of Ukrainian or Russian and need to raise their educational and skill level. Cooperation will mainly focus on the specialty “Psychology” combining distance and correspondence forms of training.   

In addition, in the course of negotiations, the Parties discussed a possibility to install special satellite equipment designed to broadcast lectures and consultations directly from Kyiv on the German territory using the IAPM TV University’s facilities. This event is part of the Bologna process aimed at creating an integrated European higher education area. It is also planned to render through the above Center educational services to migrant workers from Ukraine employed in the territory of Germany. This is also important in terms of their social adaptation.

A propos, recently, Ihor Pilayev, IAPM provost for international links, who also participated in the talks, was appointed from Ukraine to the Council’s of Europe Consultative Committee on the European Convention on the Legal Status of Migrant Workers. This Committee will also discuss issues related to efficient provision of educational services to migrant workers, including those from Ukraine, employed in other European countries.