A delegation of the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) visited the IAPM

23 Травня 2012 16:12

On May 16, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management received a visit of a delegation from the University of Nicosia composed of Vice-president Doctor Pavlos Pavlou and Director of the Representative Office of the University of Nicosia in Odessa Ms Natalia Fomina.

The visit took place to continue the contacts established between representatives of the IAPM and University of Nicosia during international educational events in Kyiv and Moscow.

Fundamental talks occurred on a wide range of issues concerning projects of integrated educational programs for the bachelor and master degrees courses, student and teacher swaps, training of MBA та Ph.D specialists, joint research activities, elaboration and development of short-term educational programs and professional development programs, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation.

The talks were attended by First Provost Volodymyr Yarovoy, Provost for International Relations – Director General of the IAPM’s International Open University Ihor Piliayev, provost for Research Mykola Holovatyi, Director of the Institute of Management and Business Olena Bayeva, Acting Director of the Institute of International Relations and Linguistics Fedir Medvid, Director of the International Preparatory Institute Zoya Borysova, Director of the Higher School of Management Volodymyr Lukianov, Director of the International Open University for Recruiting Oleksandr Hnedykh.

As part of their visit, the guests became familiar with Academy’s educational infrastructure and cultural sites and landmarks.

At the end of the talks, a memorandum of understanding was concluded identifying fields and areas of mutually advantageous cooperation. The parties reached an agreement on further development of bilateral cooperation.