Commemorating memory of Geidar Aliev took place in IAPM

20 Грудня 2010 12:32

Ukrainian-Azerbaijani institution of social sciences and self-government named after Geidar Aliev has been functioning for ten years. During this period thousands of Ukrainian and Azerbaijani students were educated in the institute. The tenth of December is the commemoration day of Geidar Aliev, and Union of Azerbaijani youth of Ukraine with IAPM assistance initiated conducting in IAPM an action dedicated to Geidar Aliev, the outstanding political figure of Azerbaijan. Youth was actively supported by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ukraine, and personally by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic in Ukraine Mr. Einulla Yadulla oglu Madatli.

On the commemoration day of Geidar Aliev students, lecturers, management of the institute as well as honorary guests – delegation from the diplomacy corps – laid flowers to the monument to the outstanding political figure of modernity.

During the action was shown the documentary film dedicated to memory of Geidar Aliev under the name “Life gifted to people”, which has become the result of creative work of the First National TV Chanel of Ukraine and Azerbaijani TV Company. The film was directed by the Chairman of the Union of Azerbaijani youth in Ukraine (UAYU) Anar Tairov, who has been working as a special correspondent of Azerbaijani television in Ukraine for ten years.

“The film was made at the initiative of Sergiy Sivolap, journalist of the First National TV Channel of Ukraine five years ago”, - told Anar Tairov. By the film we wanted to show the role of Geidar Aliev in friendly relations of Ukraine and Azerbaijan before and after gaining independence. Geidar Aliev’s assistance during Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine can be considered as a particular example. I personally consider myself a happy person, as on entering the Baku University I was granted the government program membership and went to IAPM, I was one of the first ten students from Azerbaijan who were enrolled students of the Ukrainian-Azerbaijani institution of social sciences and self-government named after Geidar Aliev. At present more than 300 students from Azerbaijan are studying here. I got the honors diploma of IAPM, soon after I joined the graduate school and defended a thesis, so the Academy is my native educational institution and I am proud to have studied here”.

Mr. Tairov gave a special record for the support of Azerbaijani culture in Ukraine, particularly holding Days of Azerbaijani Culture in Ukraine, unveiling the monument to Geidar Aliev in Glybochitska Street, underlying that the attention rejoices Azerbaijani Diaspora in Ukraine. The guest outlined the importance of the support of Azerbaijani students given by the Academy, particularly through holding Azerbaijani national holidays, realizing cultural projects on the territory of IAPM.

“Ukrainian-Azerbaijani friendship is getting stronger with each day and we, the youth, are contributing in the development of these friendly relations”, Anar Tairov stated.  

It is a well known fact that Geidar Aliev was loved and respected in the Soviet Union, and after disintegration of the USSR it was this leader with whom newly formed independent states maintained relations. After Geidar Aliev became the leader of independent Azerbaijan, both Ukraine and Azerbaijan became true strategic partners. In 1997 Geidar Aliev was presented the Order of Yaroslav the Wise (First Class) for outstanding personal contribution in cooperation between Ukraine and Republic of Azerbaijan and strengthening friendship between Ukrainian and Azerbaijani peoples.

Solemn ceremony dedicated to commemoration of the memory of great Azerbaijani politician and statesman was opened by Igor Piliayev, the IAPM pro-rector in international relations. In his address he underlined the spectacular role of Geidar Aliev in transition period:

“Seven years ago stopped the heart beating of the great son of Azerbaijani people, of the outstanding statesman of the Soviet Union, national leader of independent Azerbaijan. His name was always associated with success, stability and prosperity. He headed Azerbaijan in the difficult times of ruining of the great power, and Geidar Aliev managed to stabilize life in his country and provide conditions for long-term social economic development of independent Azerbaijan. Today this is the most dynamically developing country in the post-soviet area. Geidar Aliev was the initiator and aspirator of setting up the Institute of social sciences and self - government which holds his name and today 368 students from Azerbaijan are studying here, and we will continue this fruitful cooperation”.

Appealing the public in the cinema hall “Ukraina” Ivan Bidzyura, director of the Ukrainian-Azerbaijani institution of social sciences and self-government named after Geidar Aliev stated: “On the day of commemoration of memory of a great person, a person-epoch, we need to realize that this is a day mutual understanding between youth of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, day of tolerance and mutual understanding between peoples, so far as whole life and activity of Geidar Aliev were dedicated to this idea”. “The best tribute to the memory of Geidar Aliev, stressed Ivan Bidzyura, - will be realization of one of his programs – the program of higher education. Institute of social sciences and self-government is ready to teach and graduate qualified specialists, new crisis managers ready to understand management psychology and psychology of society development”.

On behalf of the Azerbaijan Republic Embassy in Ukraine which supported the youth with the initiative to hold a memory day in IAPM, counsellor of the Azerbaijan Republic Embassy in Ukraine  Mrs Yegyana Kavkazly addressed a meeting: “Geydar Aliev’s great services for the Azerbaijani people are invaluable, the main merit being state building, due to his activity was formed the contemporary Azerbaijan Republic, which is developing further and opening new possibilities. Azerbaijan managed to successfully integrate in the international community and is perceived in the world as a reliable partner and a friendly country. The main fact is the policy of Geidar Aliev, which is living today and will live on. Policy and reforms conducted today completely defend national interest. With proud we can say that today Azerbaijan is following the way of Geidar Aliev”.

At the end of commemorating memory of Geidar Aliev action was shown the film “Life gifted to people”.

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