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DECLARATION of the International Forum Devoted to the Artificially Organized Famine in Ukraine: the Punitive Authorities of the Jewish-Bolshevist Regime

13 Грудня 2006 14:05

We, the participants in the International Forum in Kyiv, declare:

1. The catastrophe of the Ukrainian People organized by the Jewish-Bolshevist power of the USSR fundamentally changed the basics of civilization. Its unprecedented nature will always be of general importance for mankind, since the Jewish-Bolshevist butchers annihilated about 10 million Ukrainians. For 73 years, that artificially organized famine has been the greatest Catastrophe-Ethnocide that mankind has ever known and which remains the green wound for the whole Ukrainian People.

2. The significance of the artificially organized Famines-Ethnocides planned and conducted by the Jewish-Bolshevist power in 1921 – 1922, 1932 – 1933, and 1946 – 1947 should never deaden in our folk-memory. The memory of the struggle against the Jewish-Bolshevist butchers, of all those who offered resistance to that power of absolute evil must also dwell always with us. The profundity of that inhuman crime and the loftiness of heroism of the resisters can be a yardstick of our comprehension of Good and Evil.

3. Along with all humanity, which knows the horrors of Bolshevism, Hitlerism, Zionism and other forms of chauvinism and racism, the international community bear enormous responsibility for the struggle with this Evil. All of us must constantly uncover the awful about the artificially organized Famine-Ethnocide unlike those who negate it. We are obliged to change the morals of people and our governments in order to be confident that the future generations with become aware of the real causes of the artificially organized Famine-Ethnocide and will be able to draw necessary conclusions about the implications of the Jewish-Bolshevist, Zionist and any other racist-chauvinist power.

4. We promise to exert more efforts to investigate the artificially organized Famine-Ethnocide in all its dreadful scope, as well as to disseminate truthful information in our schools, universities and other teaching and educational establishments.

5. We will give tribute to the memory of the victims of the artificially organized Famine-Ethnocide, as well as the memory of the fighters against the Jewish-Bolshevist power, first of all of the soldiers and officers of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Rebel Army. We maintain the spirit of constant recollections of them with the help of relevant measures and events, including the annual international conference devoted to their Memorial Day.  

6. Our role is to convey the light of the truth about the horrors of the totalitarian ideologies (Bolshevism, Hitlerism, and Zionism) in the times, when the bearers of some of these ideologies are still in power in various countries of the world. Our task is to open all archives, to prepare books, brochures, articles and papers, to compile or write curricula, syllabuses, manuals to make the truth about the Ukrainian Famine accessible to all.

7. We pay court to the victims of the Jewish-Bolshevists butchers and adopt the spirit of self-sacrifice and bravery of the fighters against this loathsome Evil. Our objective is to bear in mind all victims of the artificially organized Famine-Ethnocide, all fighters against the brutal power and to do our best that the horrors of the Ukrainian Famine will never repeat.

Adopted at the International Forum devoted to the artificially organized Famine in Kyiv (on November 24, 2006), translated into Russian and English and sent to the heads of governments and parliaments of the states of the world.  

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