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Delegation of IAPM came to Turkish University Bahçeşehir with working visit

15 Червня 2010 12:17
Supervisory Council chairman of the IRAPM Georgy Shchokin met the ex-minister of education of Turkey, vice-rector of international relations at the University Bakhceshehir professor Tekin.

Supervisory Council chairman of the IRAPM Georgy Shchokin hands the memorable picture of the Ukrainian landscape over to the Committee of Directors Chairman of the «Ugur Bahcheshehir» education fund Enver Yudzhel’

Turkish University Bahçeşehir

On May 31 – June 5 2010 on invitation of the authority of Turkish university Bahçeşehir the delegation of IAPM consisting of the President of Supervisory Board of IAPM George Shchokin and Provost for International Relations – General Director of International Open University of IAPM Igor Piliaiev visited this educational institution.

During the visit constructive negotiations with the Chief of the Board of the directors’couneil of the educational fund “Uhur Bahçeşehir”, and he is at the head of the University Bahçeşehir Mr Enver Yudzhel and Provost for International Relations of this University, ex-Minister of Education of Turkey professor Nyekdyet Tyekin took place.

University Bahçeşehir was founded in 1998 and currently is one of the most authoritative private universities of Turkey. Young Turkish University is situated in the historical center of old Istanbul on embankment of Bosporus. Out of the windows of the University you can see famous bridge which joins Europe and Asia.

System of education of the University Bahçeşehir involves more than 100 thousand students and pupils including more than 12 thousand who study here to obtain higher education. Process of education is fully adapted to the international standards and is conducted mainly in English. There are 6 faculties and 2 institutes, as well as higher professional school in the structure of the University, where specialists in the sphere of psychology, sociology, computer technologies, mathematics and programming, business administration, economics and international finances, international relations, engineering, architecture etc are instructed. There are programs MBA available on different directions of management, Preparatory English School, center of continuous education as well as 11 research centers with its own staff of scientists in the University.

During the negotiations perspective directions of collaboration between IAPM and the university Bahçeşehir were discussed such as foundation of centers of open education, common study programs, students and teachers exchange programs, opening on the basis of the university Bahçeşehir courses of Ukrainian and Russian for Turkish youth, who is planning to obtain higher education in Ukraine.

During the excursion along the university the delegation of IAPM had an opportunity to get acquainted with study and material and technical base of the University which is equipped with the latest facilities with usage of modern audio-visual technologies and communications.

The President of Supervisory Board of IAPM George Shchokin presented to his colleague invitation to come for the nearest time at IAPM with information visit, which was accepted with thanks.


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