IAPM International Preparatory Institute is 10

04 Березня 2011 09:39

The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management celebrated recently its jubilee – 10 years from the day of foundation of the International Grand Duke Sviatoslav the Brave Preparatory Institute.

This teaching and educational organization department has fitted foreign citizens for the IAPM Presidential University and other higher education establishments of Ukraine for ten years. IAPM’s main task is to help foreigners master Ukrainian (optionally -- Russian) and learn the basic disciplines to an extent necessary to undertake further study in the economic, psychological, humane and other areas. The Academy welcomes its new students in a traditionally warm style. First, the students are offered a 10-month long language training course accompanied with learning the disciplines in conformity with the standards established by the Ministry of Education, depending on the specialty they seek to acquire. The Institute’s authorities make provision for reception, visa support and registration, as well as organization of the teaching process, comfortable dormitory accommodation and proper living conditions.

The Institute’s personnel are aware that young people coming to study in our country need not only appropriate organization of the teaching process but ordinary human attention as well. This is precisely why the Academy staffers treat every student attentively and responsibly. IAPM instructors are experienced psychologists, because making “acclimatization” easier for the foreign students is of high importance. They try in every possible way to create an atmosphere of comfort and goodwill, since the Academy will become a second family for this youth for the next 5 years. 

Mr. Ihor S. Piliayev, IAPM Provost for International Relations and Director General of the International Open University, opened the festivities: “Over ten years of its existence, the IPI has graduated more than two thousand students. Currently, we are training 864 students from 45 countries of the world, namely, from central Europe, post-Soviet area, Near East, North Africa, East Asia etc. Thus year, we have substantially enlarged the student body both quantitatively and geographically having admitted students from Sub-Saharan Africa, Greece, Iran, China etc. We are implementing the concept of multicultural education, respect for traditions of different civilizations, inter-civilizational dialog. IAPM International Preparatory Institute is the acknowledged leader of education for the foreign students in Ukraine.” In conclusion of his speech, Mr. Piliayev wished IPI students academic achievements, a productive student life and, eventually, to obtain their credentials, which, according to the Bologna Convention, are recognized in many countries of the world.

Among numerous guests were also those who originated the Institute. Zoya U. Borysova took part in the Institute’s inauguration ceremony ten years ago and is still at its head: “Thanks is the main word in my speech, she began her address. – I thank the Academy authorities, its staff, and instructors; -- all of them have invested much effort to develop the Institute. I thank you, our students, for your choice, because we love you and work just for your good. We believe that upon completion of your training, back in your native lands and working to the benefit of your countries, you will remember the years spent at the IAPM as the best ones.”

Then-student from Azerbaijan and now Chairman of the Ukrainian Azerbaijani Youth Union Anar Tairov was one of the first graduates of the International Preparatory Institute. “It is my privilege to speak to you today, the guest addressed the teaching staff and students. – Ten years ago, when I came to Ukraine and entered the IAPM, we, Azerbaijani students, were only ten. However, about two hundred students from Azerbaijan joined the Academy this year. It is just IAPM that taught me to love Ukraine, provided with education and set up in life. Well then, I sincerely congratulate the IPI staff and wish every success and more new students, who would love the Academy likewise.”

Every year, students from various countries of the world arrive in Kyiv and begin their studies at IAPM’s International Preparatory Institute having among them many creative and multi-talented young people, who become eventually Academy’s stars. So, the festive concert on the occasion of Institute’s 10th anniversary was also gotten up by those IAPM’s foreign students, in that this is primarily their holiday, the holiday of their Alma Mater.

Students from Azerbaijan -- the Land of Fires – opened the concert. Simuzar Melikova, permanent participant in festive events noted at the Academy for her fine vocal qualifications, was charming as usual.

IAPM graduate Shabani Abbas made a salutary speech; he thanked Academy for its concern and those opportunities it opens up for development and self-fulfillment. Co-ed Saed Nigar read wonderful verses by Persian poet Ferdowsi, while Iranian student Hossein Mirzagholi, noted at the Academy for his participation in various contests and festivals performed several songs to a guitar accompaniment.

Every ethnic group is outstanding and original in its way. Therefore, students amazed with their talents. Zhang Sheng gladdened by his marvelous piano playing, while his colleague, also from China, struck by her surpassing operatic singing, as well as her knowledge of Ukrainian having performed a song using Taras Shevchenko’s poem “Beside the hut the cherries are in bloom…”

Africais a vast multiethnic continent. Many new students have recently come to the Academy exactly from that place. Students from Cameroun, who just a little while ago joined IAPM’s large family, demonstrated an exuberant rousing temperament in their country dance.

Palestineis a living legend from biblical pages. A folk Palestinian male dance performed by students from this country has become a tradition for festive events at the IAPM.

In conclusion, charming Georgian girls dressed in national costumes executed a lively Adzharian dance for the audience.

So the festival came to an end, and the students have before them new accomplishments, incessant development and a bright student life.

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