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IAPM’s Provost attended the meeting of Ukrainian education workers with a group of international experts from the Council of Europe

26 Квітня 2012 11:18

Recently, the State Youth and Sports Service of Ukraine hosted a meeting of a group of international experts from the Council of Europe with representatives of Ukrainian tertiary institutions.

The Council of Europe is the oldest institution of European integration that includes as of today all countries of Europe (except for Belarus’). The political criteria of the Council of Europe membership - pluralistic democracy, rule of law, respect for human rights and liberties – coincide with the generally recognized criteria for membership in the European Union. The Council of Europe and European Union closely cooperate, in particular, on issues of adapting legislation and institutions of the European states, which seek membership in the European Union, to the European regulations and standards. The European Convention of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights with pan-European jurisdiction are the key instruments of the Council of Europe.

International reviews of national youth policies represent an annual program of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation of the Council of Europe enabling it to keep track of national youth policies in the member states. In October 2010, the European Steering Committee for Intergovernmental Cooperation in the Youth Field (CDEJ) entertained and supported the application submitted by the Ukrainian Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports related to conducting in 2012 an international review of the national youth policy in Ukraine. Consequently, Ukraine is the first largest member country of the Council of Europe to experience the above-mentioned program in 2012. Performance of the international review of the national youth policy of Ukraine is placed on the agenda of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for 2011-2014 (project 3.3.6).

At the Kyiv meeting, the Council of Europe international reviewers’ delegation participants composed of members of the European Steering Committee for Youth, Youth Department Secretariat, Council of Europe advisers, as well as experts and researchers from a number of European countries, who arrived to conduct a review of the national youth policy of Ukraine 2012-2013, talked with representatives of Ukrainian higher education establishments.

The fact that IAPM’s Provost for Research, distinguished scholar in youth policy issues professor Mykola Holovatyi was invited to the meeting with the group of international experts appointed by the Council of Europe, along with representatives of the leading national universities of Ukraine, is evidence of a/his high authority within the system of educational work with Ukrainian youth.

As professor Mykola Holovatyi put it, it is of crucial importance that due to a selection from a great number of educational establishments of Ukraine, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management was presented at that meeting as a tertiary institution that confirms the innovative nature of its approach to training of specialists, their commitment to the world and European educational standards, training in keeping with the transition from post-industrial to information societies.

Today, the IAPM is the largest nongovernmental economic-humanities third level educational institution of Ukraine operating in the educational services market more than 23 years. The Academy is now training students from 39 countries of the world. IAPM’s overseas branches function in many countries of Europe, in particular, in Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria etc.
A panel of experts appointed by the Council of Europe analyzes the problem of the national youth policy in today’s Ukraine, namely, one of the components that will determine the possibility of real integration of Ukraine into the European community, i.e., the panel in question analyzes the status of the youth policy in various areas of social being with research and education being one of the most important of them. To determine how Ukraine implements its youth policy in the field of education and science, higher education institutions of Ukraine, including IAMP’s research and educational activities, were presented in the course of the meeting with the international experts from the Council of Europe.

During the presentation, IAPM’s Provost for Research Mykola Holovatyi demonstrated to the experts, among whom were representatives of various European countries, in particular, Armenia, Russia, Poland, -- experience and practices in training of specialists at the IAPM, having focused attention on the Academy staff’s activities concerning IAPM’s integration into the Bologna process, implementation of international European-level scientific measures, training of specialists for foreign countries at the IAPM, organization of a comprehensive set of national-patriotic education of young people, support for cultural and spiritual development of the young citizens of Ukraine.

During a year, the team of international experts appointed by the Council of Europe will be at work on an analytical summary report, following which it will be presented and discussed in 2013 in Ukraine.

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