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IRAPM plans to set up language courses for college applicants in Turkey

26 Липня 2011 09:53

Working tour to Turkey ofDr.Igor Piliaiev – provost of international relations, Director General of the International Open University of IAPM, took place one of these days. The aim of the tour was to expend admissionof Turkish students to the Academy and studying practical possibilities of realization of the language courses project for foreign college applicants to IAPM, which would enable their immediate admission for the first-year bachelor course without training at the Preparatory department.

During the tour there took place meetings and negotiations with the management of Fatih University (in Istanbul) and University of Namik Kemal (in Tekirda). During the visit also took place a meeting with Deputy Governor of Tekirda province for education issues Mr. Bekir Kotakundakci and education department management of Tekirda province.

During the talks, which were held in a warm and constructive atmosphere, were discussed areas of cooperation in training and exchange of students and training. In Istanbul pro-rector of IAPM had a meeting with the manager of one of the most popular TV channels TEK RUMELI TELEVIZYONU, outstanding public figure Mr. Atilla Baikal. Dr. I. Piliaiev was invited for live broadcast of the channel, where he gave an extended interview about IAPM, told about the state and perspectives of training of foreigners, namely Turkish students, in the Academy, and represented innovational projects in international education sphere.

There was also a trip to one of the largest business cities – Bursa, and talks were held with representatives of Turkish business world working in educational services sphere. Turkish province Tekirda is situated in the European part of Turkey and is notable for the fact, that considerable part of the Turkish citizen are of Bulgarian origin; this fact provides favorable starting environment for studying Slavic languages, namely Ukrainian and Russian languages, studied by foreign citizens in Ukraine. Thereby, this region together with large tourist cities (Istanbul, Antalia etc.) start basic places for setting up the aforementioned language courses for Turkish applicants to IAPM.

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