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On complicity of Israeli Ambassador Z. Kalay-Kleitman in attempts to conceal a criminal from justice

12 Липня 2007 16:08



O. Medved’ko,
Prosecutor General of Ukraine

A. Yatseniuk,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


As mass media report, son of a Jewish businessman S. Kalynovskyj killed this year, on May 30, a Ukrainian militiaman and a girl as a result of a traffic accident he perpetrated. In spite of the fact that the tragedy’s author was on his own recognizance he was detained on June 11 at the metropolitan airport “Zhuliany.” As it turned out, he tried to depart with the flight to Israel – a State that, contrary to international law, does not extradite offenders along racial-ethnic lines (that is, those of Jewish extraction). SW. Kalynovskyj was even granted a visa, although this procedure usually takes place at an Israeli airport. Zina Kalay-Kleitman is the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine. She is known for her intolerant statements and opinions and inadequate behavior and is, on the strength of the above-stated, a partner in premeditated perpetration of a crime. Having granted a visa, the Israeli Ambassador rendered assistance in leaving the country of residence to the offender, which displayed her neglect of Ukrainian legislation and disrespect for the law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine.

Given the previous intolerant and xenophobic statements, as well as extremist behavior of Israeli Ambassador Z. Kalay-Kleitman and her complicity in the attempts to harbor the offender from justice, we demand to immediately declare Z. Kalay-Kleitman a persona non grata and deport her from Ukraine.

P.S. The text of the present statement will also be sent to the UN, EU, CIS, and other international organizations.

Yours faithfully,
Y.V. Bondar,
President of the All-Ukrainian civic association “The Anti-Defamation League of Ukraine”

I.V. Beyko,
President of the civic association “The Kyiv Human Rights Bureau”

O.V. Antoniuk,
Secretary General of the All-Ukrainian Civic and Patriotic Association “The Ukrainian Choice”

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