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Presentation of book «Economic and political strategy of President Ilham Aliyev» took place in IAPM

24 Січня 2011 10:16

AzerbaijaniRepublic ranks highly in foreign policy of Ukraine in the first place due to high prospects in establishing mutually beneficial economic, political and cultural cooperation. Geopolitical situation of both countries determines common interests in integration into European structures and regional cooperation.

Exactly ten years ago on the basis of Inter-regional Academy of personnel management under the auspices of the president of Azerbaijani Republic Geydar Aliyev was founded Ukrainian-Azerbaijani institute of social sciences and self-government. During its lifetime the educational establishment graduated over one thousand Azerbaijani students, and today total number of graduates comprises 368 specialists. Azerbaijani Embassy in Ukraine repeatedly expressed thanks to IAPM for steps in establishing cultural relations between our countries.

One of these days at the initiative of Azerbaijani Republic Embassy and Union of Azerbaijani youth in Ukraine a presentation of the Russian version of book “Economic and political strategy of President Ilham Aliyev” by the famous Azerbaijani publicist Alibala Sattar oglu Magerramzade took place in the conference hall of IAPM. The book tells about Azerbaijan achievements during the years of present leader Ilham Aliyev’s presidency – the son and successor of Geydar Aliyev’s matters of state.

Among honorary guests of the presentation were ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijani Republic in Ukraine Mr. Einulla Madatli, Azerbaijani diplomatic officials, press secretary of Azerbaijani Writers' Union Adalyat Askerov, leader of the Union of Azerbaijani youth in Ukraine Anar Tairov, representatives of social movement “Ireli” in Ukraine. Representatives of professional and teaching staff of the Academy were also present, including pro-rector in scientific studies Mykola Holovaty, pro-rector in international relations Ihor Piliyaev, director of Geydar Aliyev Ukrainian-Azerbaijani institute of social sciences and self-government Ivan Bidzyura, Doctor of Education professor Nadiya Chernukha, teachers and students of IAPM.

проректор з наукової роботи МАУП, професор політології Микола Головатий

Official part of the ceremony of presentation of the book was opened by pro-rector in scientific studies of IAPM Doctor of Political Sciences professor Mykola Holovaty. In the opening speech Mykola Holovaty expressed thanks to the author of the book for the honor of holding presentation in the Academy, and pointed out that “it was very important to present politics of the country in the light of first persons of the state. This tradition was established in principal powers long time ago, while in Ukraine it is still unavailable. It is a great pleasure that such a friendly to Ukraine state as Azerbaijan presents an author who managed to succeed in highlighting and studying urgent issues of modernity”.

Надзвичайний і Повноважний Посол Азербайджанської Республіки в Україні пан Ейнулла Мадатлі

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijani Republic in Ukraine Mr. Einulla Madatli in his speech thanked IAPM for hospitality and benevolence to foreign students and stressed, that this event will be ranked highly in public and social life of both countries. Mr. Madatli also stressed that Ukrainian readers and scholars will find in Alibala Magerramzade’ book a lot of factual materials concerning scale activity of Azerbaijani President directed at increasing well-being of citizens and prosperity of independent state.

It should be noted that presentation was of dynamic character. Many participants of the presentation in the conference hall expressed their opinionand asked questions to the author. Pro-rector in international relations Ihor Slavovych Piliyaev shared his impressions of the book: ‘The book will be of great interest both for students and teachers. Experience of Azerbaijan is vitally important as this is one of the most successful examples of modernization and transformation of post-Soviet states, example of feasible establishing of an intercultural dialogue. This is of highly importance for modern world. I would recommend this work a teaching aid for Academy”.

Mr. Alibala Magerramzade was asked many questions concerning development of Azerbaijan, its way to prosperity and President’s work. The author gladly gave comprehensive answers to all questions of the presentation guests.



The author readily answered questions of the IAPM reporter:

-    Being an author of three books, could you tell us why you chose for the next book such a topic as highlighting development of Azerbaijan in the light of the present president of the country?

-  As a candidate of economic sciences and as a specialist in this sphere I am extremely interested in the economic strategy of the president and his activity. In due course, working on the book, I supplemented it with the study of the political career of Ilham Aliyev.

Do you mean your book may be viewed as a scientific research?

-  To some extent, yes. It took eight months to write the book, and within this period a lot of changes were supplemented. Information included is actual, fresh and reliable, so I would be happy to learn that scientific workers are using my book as a teaching aid. In view of studying historical events, I can state that the material is objective, as it is not possible to ignore all the progress taking place in Azerbaijan. If you acquaint with all investment projects brought to life in our state within the last five years, you will see a totally changed country. New buildings, new structural roads, construction of big railroads, all this has been achieved by the state using its own power and costs, not to mention about pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Jaikhan, through which we transport energy resources to Europe without mediators.

In what way, do you think, Geydar Aliyev’ authority influences perception of the present President’s activity? As it is a great responsibility to continue matters of such a legendary personality in the history of Azerbaijan.

-  The matter is, Ilham Aliyev started helping and taking part in all reformations of our country when his father was still in power. He particularly was dealing with the oil producing company which was at the outlet of Azerbaijan energy activity. I think this is why Ilham Aliyev is not pressed by his father’s authority.

Closing the meeting, the Union of Azerbaijani youth in Ukraine leader Anar Tairov thanked everybody present for the warm meeting and told that due to UAYU efforts the book “Economic and political strategy of President Ilham Aliyev” by Alibala Magerramzade was distributed to ten biggest scientific libraries of Ukraine.


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