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Statement of the Presidium of the International Personnel Academy (IPA)

19 Липня 2006 14:40

The aggressive acts the State of Israel has committed in the Middle East in the latest days arouse a deep concern on the part of the progressive public of the entire world, of all people of good will.

The barbarous bombardments by the Israeli army of Palestinian towns, inhabited localities and important strategic facilities in Lebanon giving rise to death of peaceful people can not but attract a rapt attention of international, intergovernmental organizations and civic associations, as well as of democratic leaders of States and governments of the world.

As is well-known, due to escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, the UN Human Rights Council voted by a majority vote for immediate cessation by Israel of its military operations and withdrawal of its troops from the occupied territories, in particular, the Gaza Strip.

Israel, however, urged by the Zionist quarters, having defied all standards of international law, did not only fulfill the requirements of an authoritative international organization, but substantially extended the zone of the armed conflict, having launched unprecedented bombardments of the Lebanese territory, which resulted in death of innocent people, destruction of vitally important facilities of the country.

As long ago as in 2002 and in its numerous subsequent Statements and Addresses to the UN General Assembly, the world public opinion, European structures, to leaders of States of the world during 2002-2006, the International Personnel Academy has demanded to repeal the item of UN Resolution as of 1947 concerning creation of the State of Israel, showing the constant aggressive essence of this State, the inhuman nature of Zionism.

Given the latest developments in the Middle East, the Presidium of the International Personnel Academy calls upon all authoritative international and European organizations to take urgent and immediate measures, including a UN special resolution on introduction into the region of international security forces in order to bridle the aggressor, and expresses its resolute protest against the aggressive, inhuman, Zionist policy of Israel placing the world on the brink of a World War III.

Presidium of the International Personnel Academy

July 18, 2006
City of Kyiv, Ukraine  

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