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31 Жовтня 2010 00:38


Chairman of the Supervisory Council of IRAPM Georgiy Shchokin and Vice- Chancellor of the International Relations Department of IRAPM Igor Pilyaev in the Confucius Temple (Beijing, China)

Recently Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the IAPM George Shchokin and Provost for International Relations Igor Pilyaiev took part in representative international conference on issues of education services and education market of the region of Eastern and Southern Asia which took place in the capital of the People’s Republic of China Beijing. 

Over 200 representatives of educational establishments and agent companies from many countries of the world took part in the conference. In frames of the conference meetings and negotiations of the IAPM delegation with representatives of a number of agent and consultation structures of China, India, Mongolia, Nepal and other countries of the region were held. On the part of foreign partners high level of competitiveness of Ukrainian education was noted and its wide possibilities of attracting students from Asian countries to study in IAPM, taking into account ramified infrastructure of educational complex of the Academy. Agreements on practical collaboration on mentioned issues were reached.

The IAPM delegation visited Confucius temple, where the great sage of Celestial Empire was honoured. During the visit to Imperator’s college – one of the oldest educational institutions of the East founded in the beginning of XIV century – the delegation got acquainted with unique experience of China in the sphere of education and knowledge control. In particular, with represented in museum of lyceum exposition on history of independent external testing in China, which was implemented in VIII century A.D.

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