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The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management celebrated its twentieth anniversary

04 Червня 2009 11:42

In these days, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management – the largest private higher education institution of Ukraine -- is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Twenty years ago, on April 3, 1989, there was established the Kyiv Research-and-Innovative Center “Kadry” (personnel, staff), which, in the course of time, gave birth to the All-Union Personnel Management Correspondence University, and the latter originated the current Academy. Thousands of professors, doctors of science, assistant professors, instructors and employees day after day work selflessly for the benefit of the Academy’s student body. Today, the IAPM is a real hearth of education, pivot of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and patriotism with prevailing freedom of thought and speech. The Academy’s educators work honestly and nobly for the good of Ukraine in order to raise prestige of Ukrainian education throughout the world.

The festival at the Academy traditionally began with a solemn public prayer near the St. George chapel. Then, the flags of Ukraine, the IAPM and International Personnel Academy were carried in to the Knowledge Square to the strains of the National Anthem of Ukraine.

Founder of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, wise manager and talented organizer, professor, doctor of sociological sciences, honored educationalist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the IAPM George Shchokin congratulated the audience on the jubilee: “Dear students, the Academy is your contemporary and age mate – alike in youth and beauty. We are grateful to you for your choice and proud of our students. I wish all of you that God help you in your deeds and actions! Let joy go with you!” As regards the secret of the success of the educational establishment, George Shchokin noted: “The Academy achieved success due to the innovations peculiar to the IAPM’s team, and as the Academy’s founder I am very happy that the IAPM was has remained the first among the private higher education institutions of Ukraine.”

Chancellor of the IAPM Valeriy Zakhozhay shared his thoughts about the 20th anniversary as follows: “The jubilee represents, to a certain extent, a team’s report to itself and the public, a revision of the 20-year life trajectory of an irresistible creative impulse. The Academy has what to report today looking back at the past.”

This day is a real holiday for the today’s students of the Academy who chose it as their home for the next few years. Chairman of the Student Council Myroslav Tsybuliuk pointed out that since he became an IAPM student he has never called in question the soundness of his choice: “I have made sure that I made a wise choice, as the Academy disposes of a perfect research complex, a high professional standard of the teaching staff and, above all, the studies are inseparably linked with educational work, which enables everyone to show one’s abilities.” This year’s winner of the contest ‘IAPM Students’ Belle-2009’ Anastasia Ivantsova, being only a fresher, already reached certain heights: “the IAPM is such an educational establishment, where one can both study and rest to good purpose – to prove oneself and show one’s worth in any area of creative activity.”

It is common knowledge that the IAPM is not only an educational establishment but also a large team, a ramified organization — to begin with, it bands together gifted and interesting people, a progressive student body, and they show their marked abilities not only in their work but also during their rest. As a gift to the IAPM’s staffers, students and managers, the young hopefuls of the Academy prepared a real treat.
In the morning of April 3, the artistic and creative marathon festival and the mind game “Universal Student” started in the Knowledge Square. The sports grounds hosted football, volleyball, table tennis and arm wrestling events. Students also conducted “Cossack Diversions.”
Presentations of artistic studios, ateliers, and sports sections showed that the Academy trains talented and active youth as is evident from the brilliant performances of all contestants. By tradition, the best winners were awarded diplomas, but the festive mood and the sense of at-oneness that reigned at the Academy that day were the best gift.

The holiday continued in the cinema and concert hall “Ukraine” with a ceremony of greeting the staffers, who did not merely cast in their lot with the IAPM but also faced its goodly and harmonious structure with radiant stones of their own creative work. Establisher of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Chairman of its Supervisory Board George Shchokin presented diplomas and awards. He distributed diplomas to heads of Kyiv, regional and foreign departments, as well as awards of the International Personnel Academy under the nominating categories of “Honorary Professor,” “Honorary Doctor,” and “Honorary Academician,” Effective Management Medal and Educational Service Medals. Talented students of the Academy pleased the audience with a lively and spectacular celebratory concert.
The ceremonial reception of the guests, heads of educational units and staffers took place in the conference hall of the Academy’s Presidium at the end of the day. Numerous honorary guests came to congratulate the Academy on the occasion of the jubilee, in particular, national deputy Levko Lukianenko, advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Kostiantyn Vaschenko, deputy head of the Kyiv city State administration Mykhailo Holytsia, heads of the Holosiyevs’ka and Desnians’ka district State administrations. George Shchokin was conferred the rank of “Honorary Citizen” of the Desnians’ky district of the city of Kyiv. His Excellency Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ukraine Mr. Taliat Museib ogly Aliyev addressed the audience with a word of salutation on behalf of numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps. Noted students-sportsmen – Vasyl’ Virastiuk, Irene Merleni, Anton Bochkariov, Oleksiy Zadniprians’kyj also came to pay compliments to their alma mater.

Over the twenty years of public recognition, the Academy has accumulated umpteen merits and awards. Nevertheless, its hugest success will always consist in attainments of its students in science, research, education, social activity and public work. The IAPM’s alumni include national deputies, statesmen, thriving businesspersons, noted sportsmen, scholars and scientists, entrepreneurs, and diplomats. Most IAPM’s graduates find a niche for themselves, and their small and big victories constitute the most tremendous success of the IAPM, higher than all decorations and ranks conferred upon the Academy.

The IAPM’s high showings within the national education system, achievements of its staffers and educators, its students’ personal progress – all of them are due to effective and strenuous work of a large, united and harmonious team; they are a sign of all-round development of the IAPM as the largest private higher education institution of Ukraine that conscientiously works for increasing the prestige and authority of national education all over the world.

So then, let the ensuing years within these precincts be even better and the victories – more wide-ranging! Let the generous destiny favor the Academy with talented colleagues and teammates. Many happy returns of the day to everyone, for whom the name IAPM sounds enjoyably and brightly. Vivat Academy!

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