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The Open Education Study-and-Consulting Center (IAPM) in the City of Łódź Proves to be one of the Best as Attested by the Results of an Internet Survey

01 Червня 2009 10:07

Various rankings and surveys represent an information source and confirmation of public recognition of and credit to educational establishments. Therefore, the Open Education Study-and-Consulting Center (IAPM) in the Polish city of Łódź was recently engaged in monitoring the Polish educational Internet sites. Thus, the site http://www.kariera.pl/ranking/ rated, by means of a nationwide Internet survey, the best higher education establishments operating in the country. In the list of higher education establishments consisting of 50 items, the IAPM’s Łódź branch ranked the 6th as of 31.07.2009, having outrun some leading Polish academic institutions.

Below is given the list of the 15 top establishments:

1. Jagiellonski University – 1,183 votes;

2. Warsaw University – 1,178 votes;

3. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan – 1,031 votes;

4. J. Rusiecki Higher School in Olsztyn – 933 votes;

5. Warsaw Technical University – 855 votes;

6. IAPM – 748 votes;

7. Nikolai Kopiernik University in Torun – 734 votes;

8. Szczeczin Technical University – 704 votes;

9. Stanislaw Staszic Mining and Smelting Academy in Krakow – 686 votes;

10. Gdansk Technical University – 669 votes.

11. Wroclaw Technical University – 640 votes;

12. Szczecin University – 631 votes;

13. Gdansk University – 607 votes;

14. Wroclaw University – 584 votes;

15. The Warsaw School of Economics (Szkola Glówna Handlowa w Warszawie, SGH) –554 votes.

As is known, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is an economic and liberal arts higher education establishment. In addition, it is the largest non-State academic institution of Ukraine instructing more than 40,000 students from 25 countries of the world. The Academy has numerous branches and representative offices abroad, in particular, in Moldova, Baltic states, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Transnistria, Belarus’ and other countries worldwide. Over 20 years of its activities, the Academy has trained thousands of skilled specialists in management – production and business managers, financiers, market experts, sociologists, psychologists, and lawyers.

Based on information drawn on the site http://www.kariera.pl
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