Vasyl’ Kuybida got a citation from the IAPM

03 Червня 2009 11:38

Over the years of the existence of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, many noted people worked on its staff – politicians, scholars and researchers, and public figures. therefore, it is sweet to know that most of them keep the Academy in their memory and recollect it with kind words. In his time, Vasyl’ Kuybida was the Vice-President of the IAPM, who is now an honorary professor of the International Personnel Academy, Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Candidate of Law, Doctor of Public Administration. At that time, he did considerable in order to solve the meat-and-potatoes problems of Academy’s functioning.

The other day, national deputy of Ukraine, Minister of Regional Development and Construction Vasyl’ Kuybida visited the Academy. Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Honored Educationalist of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management George Shchokin welcomed Vasyl’ Stepanovych on behalf of the Academy’s Presidium: «Mother Ukraine should be proud having such a son, since while there are such people, there is hope for development of Ukraine.» In addition, George Shchokin presented to the guest a diploma «For a Weighty Contribution to Development of the Academy,» as well as a four-volume edition of the works of Vasyl’ Symonenko published by the IAPM and a celebratory edition devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Academy. In his turn, Vasyl’ Kuybida addressed a vote of thanks to the Academy: «I constantly recall those times, when I had the honor to be on the Academy and I thank you kindly that you once admitted me to your circle. With you, I both gained new experience and acquired new knowledge».

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