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World boxing champion among professionals in the under 24 age group Olexandr Spirko, an IAPM student: «Boxing is my life!»

06 Грудня 2010 13:55

The other day Ukrainian Olexandr Spirko combated the first titled duel in his professional carrier and confirmed his service record and reputation of a potential fighter.  He confidently won the fight with experienced Abduaziz Metazimov form Uzbekistan. According to referees’ unanimous decision IAPM student, boxer of Klichko Brothers “K-2”promoting company Olexandr Spirko won the fight in the ten-round confrontation. The victory earned Olexandr the youth world champion belt in the first middle weight WBC version (World Boxing Council), the most prestigious boxing organization.

During his visit to the Academy Olexandr shared his impressions of the fight and his ideas about sport.

-         What does boxing and this particular victory mean for?

I’ve been in boxing practically all my life, for fifteen years already, and I joined professional boxing at the age of 19. It was due to my father, Master of sports of the USSR, and, so to say, I am heading on with the dynasty. My most important title is world boxing champion among professionals after WBC version. In amateur boxing I was ten-times a champion of Ukraine, two-times prize-winner of the European championship and a prize-winner of the world championship. Naturally, when you devote all of yourself to sports, you are aspired to gain all titles. I live in boxing, so every victory, and this one namely, is very important for me. Because when your arm is raised on the ring, you feel an incredible joy and elation, and you realize your efforts were not for nothing and in vain. And the joy of your friends and parents brings you immense satisfaction. This particular joy from performed job makes you feel the great result of all your hard work within all trainings.

-         How did trainings take place, by the way?

The final period of preparation for this fight lasted for two months: first were physical loads, crosses, developing muscles followed by special work and sparrings. By the way, sparrings were held with boxers taking part in popular TV program “You are the champion”. In this way, mutual assistance, elevated mood and extraordinary exciting conditions of this show gave additional inspiration for us. And my individual plan of training became part of the television life of my sparring partners. Lion’s share of my success is due to each talented sparring partner.

-         Could you tell me if you were prepared psychologically?

Sure, I was psychologically prepared for the duel.In the course of preparation I set myself, planned how to get into ring, what I had to do and how to behave in the ring. And visualized my intentions. Certainly, psychological tension increased before the fight, as responsibility was enormous. However, on the eve of the duel I was psychologically ready, calm and concentrated. As I knew for sure I would be a champion.

-         What is the way a boxer finds himself taking part in such a responsible duel?

Boxing rating is constantly renewed after each fight. Gradually from fight to fight and from victory to victory I occupied upper position in the chart, and after the tenth fight I won the right to fight for the title. The fight for the title takes place when candidates occupying first two places in the chart hold a fight for the champion’s title, in this particular case for the youth world champion title in the WBC first middle weight version (under 69, 855 KOs).

-         In your opinion, what features can sport trainings, boxing namely, form?

Boxing is a model of life. The most concentrated one. A boxer has to be able and know everything, not theoretically, but put his skills to practice. I certainly mean a sport duel. Well, and the winner’s traits are well known to everybody. It’s the same as in learning: the one who wants will get it!

-         Doesn’t the professional sport prevent from studying?

It doesn’t, I got my higher education at the National University of physical training and sports of Ukraine, got Master’s Degree in sports psychology there. My next stage of education is a political science specialist and I am studying in the Averroes Institute of International Relations and Linguistics of IAPM.

-         What are hobbies besides boxing?

My hobbies deal with sports anyway, I play football and basketball. Like all young people, perhaps, I enjoy listening music, and I like re-reading Omar Khayyám’s verse. I also love animals… Besides, I work as a sports director in the international organization “Scientific-cultural-sport union “Formula”, so I lead quite an eventful life.

After such a tense fighting it is worth having a relax, so what are your plans for the nearest future?

First of all, I always have to retain my title. Everywhere, at my trainings, during the competitions as well as in my everyday life. Thus my relax comprises change of loadings, not their neglecting. The title demands regular defending. There is also a dream to gain champion title of other versions.

-         Not long time ago all students celebrated Student’s Day, in this respect what would you wish your colleagues, IAPM students?

I wish everyone to set objectives and confidently approach them. And of course, I wish everybody high grades in student’s record-books.

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