Department of Political Science

Modern Ukrainian society is interested in education of the new political elite and administrative staff of higher qualification. Department successfully copes with this task since 1999.

Головатий Микола Федорович

Today, Head of the Department - Holovaty Nikolai Fedorovich, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, Academician of International Personnel Academy, member of Academy of Social Technologies and Local Government, the full member (academician) of Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education. He is the author of over 200 scientific publications, including books and monographs, which are devoted to topical issues of political science.

The department provides training in specialties: political management and public administration, political science, international relations, political marketing and public relations provide the educational process at the Department of Political Science 7 professors, 5 associate professors, among them:

Бідзюра Іван Павлович

Bidzyura Ivan Pavlovich - Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of Academy of Social Technologies and Local Government (Moscow), Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In 2000 he awarded a diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Chairman of the "Association of rural talented youth", expert on ethnic policy, systemic reforms and multiculturalism.

Варзар Іван Михайлович

Varzar Ivan Mikhailovich - Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, International Academy of Life Safety Academy, an honorary doctor of Uzhgorod National University, Professor Emeritus of the Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management.
The main branch of research is ethnology, which he founded, sociology, reformology, revolutionology, literature.

Dikarev Alexander Ivanovich - Candidate of Political Sciences, Professor. Teaches disciplines: "Political Culture and Ethics", "Political Theory of the State", "Situation Analysis in politics."

Костюк Тетяна Олександрівна

Kostyuk Tatiana Alexandrovna - Deputy Head of the Department of Political Science, PhD in Political Sciences. Graduate in International Relations and Translation. Learning topical problems of modern parliamentarism, political ideologies, new revolutions, analysis and forecasting.

Пугач Вікторія Геннадіївна

Pugach Victoria Gennadievna - Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor.

Main research fields: political communication, information security, political propaganda, political control of processes, public opinion, political institutions in the information society.

Слободян Світлана Іванівна

Slobodyan Svetlana Ivanovna - Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, Associate Professor. Permanent active participant in the electoral process at all levels. Research interests: civil society; political life and the political process.

Monthly session of student scientific circle "Political scientist" passes, in which students raise and discuss the pressing issues of domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine.

During the program, students practice in government bodies, public organizations, offices of political parties. In addition to professional-oriented disciplines, a lot of attention is paid to the study of foreign languages, students participate in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads, conferences, competitions of student research papers.

Graduates of the department can start their own political career or work as polit-technologists, policy advisers, policy analysts and experts, press secretaries in state institutions and political parties.

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