Higher education without EIT

The goal of the joint program of the University of Management in Warsaw (Poland) and IAPM is the preparation of competitive specialists in accordance with European standards, as well as the adaptation of Ukrainian students to life and work in European democratic society.

The integrated curriculum of IAPM and the University of Management in Warsaw (Poland), lectures and seminars from candidates and doctors of science from Ukraine and Poland, actual knowledge and skills - all this makes the learning process more effective.

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Higher education without EIT

IAMP jointly with University of Management (Warsaw, Poland), gives special advantages to university entrants. To study for an integrated extramural program you do not need to take EIT! Admission to the University of Management only requires a certificate of full secondary education and interview results.

Upon completion of the first year at the University of Management, the student continues education on the second course at the IAPM.

Training in following specialties:

  • Law (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Economics (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Political science (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Psychology (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Sociology (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Tourism (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies (Magistracy) - NEW!
  • Management (Economics and Business Management)
  • Philology
  • Software Engineering
  • Accounting and taxation

The field of activity of graduates can be quite wide: from banking and financial organizations to large and medium-sized firms and enterprises on the European market.

The University of Management (WSM w Warsaw) in Warsaw

was founded in 1995 and is now one of the authoritative Universities in Poland, that trains bachelors and masters in social sciences, management and law. The educational institution provides education in two forms: intramural and extramural. Upon completion of the training each student receives a state-recognized diploma corresponding to all EU standards.

The University of Management in Warsaw is the first private university in Poland that started accepting students for study without entrance examinations. Since 2015, in order to enter the University, you only need to pass an interview. Representatives of universities say that this procedure takes place only in order to determine the needs of future students.

Graduates of the University of Management work in many private companies and government institutions in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and other EU countries. Many of them work on managerial and executive positions or owns their business. Graduates highly appreciate the quality of knowledge and practice they received at the University. They emphasize the professionalism of teachers, the relevance of the curriculum and the acquired skills, which they use in their professional activities on regular basis. The overwhelming majority of graduates of the University of Management in Legnica easily find work abroad due to thorough preparation and accordance of the diploma with the requirements of the EU.

Studying in Poland

As you know, Poland has been a member of the EU since 2004. It is an industrialized country with a dynamically developing economy. In recent years, many Ukrainian students choose Polish universities to study, because prices are more affordable than in other European Union universities and the quality of the knowledge they provide is high.

Currently, Ukraine's accession to the Bologna Process and the common European educational system has provided an opportunity for establishing direct educational, scientific and cultural ties with educational institutions of European Union, integration of curricula and educational programs.

Applicants must provide the following documents:

1. Сopy of the certificate - 1 copy.

2. Copy of the appendix to the certificate (list of subjects with records) - 1 copy.

3. Copy of the ID - 1 copy.

4. Copy of the international ID (if available) - 1 copy.

4. 3 photos 3x4.

The annual cost of tuition consists of paying tuition to the IAMP according to the selected specialty + 300 euros.

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