Guides and interpreters course

  • Students in a group - 6-10 people
  • Duration of training - 3 months
  • Quantity of hours of a full course - 96 hours
  • Final exam after completion of the course
  • Issuance of the IAPM certificate aboutGuides and interpreters course completion 

The program of Guides and interpreters course

  • Intensive course of foreign language - 24 academic hours
  • Organization of work for guide-interpreter about the Ukrainian history - 24 academic hours
  • History, culture and art of Kyiv (workshop) - 24 academic hours
  • Basics of professional skills of a guide-interpreter - 24 academic hours 

  • Orthodox Kyiv
  • Kyiv - the capital of students
  • Ukrainian fortress
  • Kyiv alleys (tour)
  • Kyiv architectural Baroque
  • Where the heart of Revolutionary Maidan was beating
  • Ditinets
  • Kyiv as Peter Mohyla saw it
  • Pride of Baturin
  • Inspiration of Kyiv symbolists
  • Tasting rooms of Kyiv
  • Energy of Dnieper slopes
  • The wreckage of the middle ages in memory of Kyiv
  • Mysterious events in history of Kyiv
  • Living legends of Ukraine
  • Treadmill of Nikolay Amosov
  • Favorite alleys of Mikhail Bulgakov
  • Tea at Maxim Rylsky’s manor
  • Entertaining rhythms of evening Kyiv
  • In the twilight of the Mariinsky Park
  • Sports tracks of the capital of Ukraine
  • The only Museum in Europe
  • Fortifications of Kyiv
  • Rich and Famous in Kyiv
  • Spring blossom of Kyiv Botanic Gardens
  • Catholic churches of Kyiv
  • Secrets of St.Andrew's Descent
  • Visiting Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastova
  • Muslim shrines in Kiev
  • Visiting Podol with Ivan Mazepa 
The exam on course completion
  • Conduction of an observation tour/from the list of excursions
  • Practical course of foreign language and elements of translation

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