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Retraining, specialization, certification training by vouchers

Newsletter to the head of the institution about retraining, specialization, training of citizens of Ukraine by vouchers.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 20, 2013 No. 207 "On approval of the issuance of vouchers to maintain the competitiveness of individuals on the labour market"

Since March 2013 State program on improving the competitiveness of Ukrainian citizens over the age of 45 years was initiated.

PJSC "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" was one of the first educational institutions of Ukraine, which started the enrollment this category of citizens, for training by state vouchers.

This program provides training, specialization, improvement of professional skill in professions and specialties in priority economic activities and obtaining these educational levels based on the acquired educational qualification level of employed or unemployed people from high society in age from 45 to 60 years for public funds. For each person the state allocates 11 470 USD. 

The first two groups, specialty "Software Systems" started working in IAPM since June. 

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management invites heads of state agencies to maintain the project to involve the program staff to improve the skills and professional level of employees, which will contribute to the competitiveness of each individual in the labour market.

To learn more about training by vouchers, go to the official website of Kyiv City employment center

Tel.: (044) 245-46-74 and MAUP HSM (044) 524-57-96 (int. 13-86)

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