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Вийшов № 6(12) – грудень 2020 фахового журналу з державного управління та права “Експерт: парадигми юридичних наук та державного управління” (Русский) (English)

24 December 2020 13:32

Dear colleagues!

We would like to inform you that № 6 (12) - December 2020 of the professional journal on public administration and law “Expert: paradigms of legal sciences and public administration” was published.

The issue can be downloaded here.

In the issue you will get acquainted with: research on violations of the human right to private communication during covert investigative (search) actions, namely when removing information from transport telecommunications networks and electronic information systems; current innovations in the implementation of state regulation of hospitality in Ukraine; the main directions of forming an effective employment policy of the European Union as a means of implementing the strategy "Europe 2020", etc.

We invite you to publish articles in future issues of the publication.

Currently, the journal is being recruited to № 1 (13).

The deadline for submitting articles is January 25, 2021.

More information about the magazine at the link: http://maup.com.ua/ua/ekspert.html

Editor-in-Chief Ye.O. Romanenko

Deputy Editor-in-Chief V.L. Fedorenko

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