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Anti-fake intellectual game “NotaEnota. Fakes about Chornobyl and Radiation”

29 April 2024 18:02

On April 26, 2024, an intellectual anti-fake game “Nota Enota. Fakes about Chernobyl and radiation”. Coach - Kapelista Irina Mykhailivna, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor, Head of the Research Center for Environmental Safety of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. The game is dedicated to the topic of fakes and manipulations around the topic of Chornobyl and radiation. The game had 4 rounds with different questions, answering which the participants could see how propaganda works, apply critical thinking, test their knowledge, sense of humor and wit. Participants learned a lot about fakes and disinformation based on real cases, learned to identify hostile influences and resist manipulations in the field of environmental safety. Five teams took part. The winners and participants were awarded valuable prizes.

The event is conducted as part of the Action Plan to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of IAPM

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