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"Freshman debut": a solemn initiation to students and a holiday of student creativity at the technical school

13 September 2019 16:46

On September 11, an important and joyful event took place in the walls of the technical school. More than one and a half hundred freshmen received student tickets—passes to a new, adult life. On this day, the hosts of the hall, new students, received greetings from the guests: rector of IAPM M. Kurko, director of the technical school K. Chorna, parents, teachers, guests, friends, and senior students.

Freshmen prepared creative business cards: each department presented to the audience and the jury the masterpieces of their creativity. Students performed popular musical compositions, practiced choreographic sketches, read high poetry and patriotic rap, surprised the audience with a light show and an amazing dance—shuffle.

The present unanimously decided that the technical school was enriched with real stars. Darya Myzgina, Karina Grabovska, Oleksandra Strelbitska, Oleksandr Minibayev, Nika Nimenko, Diana Kostyukevych, Victoria Ivanova, Darya Zamula, Bogdan Andriychuk, and Anastasia Kripak have proved that the freshmen will become worthy students.

On behalf of the undergraduates, of the chairman of the student council Alina Osovskaya wished the freshmen all the best the duet of Sophia Zakhlibna and Yulia Rudnitska sang a song. The holiday ended with a karaoke battle. And the winners from the Academy administration, which was presented by the head of IAPM department of extracurricular work G. Kurtakova, were won by students of the department "Tourism and Management".

Congratulations to the freshmen on the first successfully overcome the summit on the student path! And in a few years, a team of young professionals will be added to successful managers, economists, programmers, lawyers, social workers, and tourism service professionals—graduates of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Economic and Law Technical College!

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