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"Open Day is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our Academy" - Nikolay Shevchenko

20 March 2017 16:20

On March 18, the President's University IAPM was visited by pupils of general educational institutions of Ukraine with their parents for the Open Doors Day.

All those wishing were guided through the territory, where everyone could get acquainted with the structure of the Academy and ask questions of interest. Every participant of the Open Door Day visited scientific and innovative educational audiences and talked with students and teachers.

«The Open Day is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our Academy, - says the chairman of the Student Council of IAPM, Nikolay Shevchenko. - On this day someone from the student's self-government necessarily comes to the Academy to tell our future colleagues not only about training, specialties and admission characteristics, but also about the prospects of student leisure, the realization of their creative plans. We explain to each entrant that at IAPM in pairs he will be able to master the future profession, and in creative time to develop creatively! After all, no one will tell the students of the Academy about the peculiarities of training and leisure!»

Everyone who visited the Academy on this day received a 20% discount on tuition.


Olga Korobiy

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