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Events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Ukrainian territory from Nazi invaders took place in Khmelnitsky

28 October 2019 17:25

On October 28, Ukraine celebrates Liberation Day from Nazi invaders.

Students of the Khmelnytsky Institute and College honored the memory of those killed in World War II. Students laid flowers at the Memorial of Glory.

During the German-Soviet War (1941-1945) it was on the territory of Ukraine that key battles were fought for the liberation of Europe from Nazism. During the expulsion of the Nazi invaders from Ukraine by four Ukrainian fronts, numbering more than 2.3 million, a series of offensive operations took place between January 1943 and October 1944.
The expulsion of the Nazi invaders from Ukraine ended with the complete displacement of the Hungarian and German troops from the westernmost region of present-day Ukraine, Transcarpathia, which was the result of Soviet troops joining the Fourth and First Ukrainian fronts of the Eastern Carpathian offensive. On October 27, 1944, Uzhgorod was liberated; on October 28, Soviet troops entered the modern border of Ukraine. The fighting for Ukraine lasted for almost a month.

The Ukrainian liberation movement, not considering the expulsion of the German occupiers as a liberation, continued the struggle for independence of Ukraine, which lasted for almost a decade. The persecution of dissidents did not stop until the collapse of the USSR.

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