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Online admission to the Academy with a discount on tuition

24 April 2021 14:29

The Open Day is a traditional event during which applicants get acquainted with the Academy, choose specialties and training programs. However, in the conditions of quarantine, we cannot and will not expose future students to danger, moreover, creating inconveniences due to transport restrictions.

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management always relies on innovative solutions. And this time we found a convenient and safe way out of the situation - the Open Day is holding online!

By tradition, we give away a discount on studying for all the participants of the Open Day. Our applicants will receive a discount now, and with it - even more privileges! Considering that restrictive measures can negatively affect solvency, IAPM provides an opportunity to pay for tuition at any convenient time before the first session, and for any amount paid within seven days, a 20% discount is provided!

You can register for the entrance exams online, get a discount and the opportunity to pay for tuition at a convenient time for you only until May 29.

In order to get a degree at IAPM, you need to follow these steps:

1. Check out the current copy of the contract:

  • Bachelor degree study contract - link.
  • Master degree study contract - link.

2. If you agree with the terms and conditions set out in the contract, fill out this online form for full-time studies, this online form for extramural studies, and this online form for distance learning, in which you need to select the specialty and the IAPM unit in which you want to study. To fill out contract, you will also need a passport, a certificate of complete secondary general education or a Bachelor degree diploma. For admission to the Master's program, you need a document on higher education graduation (Bachelor's, Specialist's, Master's degree).

3. After we process your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

4. Confirm your intention to take part in the entrance exams within 7 days by sending the answer to the letter.

5. Make previous payment within 7 days according to the details specified in the confirmation of the application and receive a 20% discount on tuition, in case of successful passing of the entrance exams.

6. Complete the entrance exams successfully.

7. Make the first tuition payment if the previous payment is not complete.

8. Congratulations! You've become a student!

Distance and extramural studies at Bachelor's and Master's degrees at IAPM will allow you to combine your studies with personal life, work, and hobbies. After successful graduation, you will receive a Ukrainian Bachelor's or Master's degree. Hurry up to get a 20% discount on hight quality European education until May 29. You don't need to visit to the Open Days - for you we have translated all the admission procedures into a convenient online format. Fill out the form, get a discount, study and build your successful future!

Please, if you have any difficulties or questions, please contact the IAPM Admission Office. We will provide you with the assistance and advice you need.

Admissions office numbers: 
(093) 490-490-0 (Viber, WhatsApp)

(096) 490-490-0
Open yourself in IAPM!

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