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Orchestra Performed at the Interregional Academy

14 February 2018 11:25

Before the faculty and students of the Academy, the Variety Orchestra of the Center for Musical Arts of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies, made its congratulations to the audience 20 years ago. Most often performers have to speak in different structures of the DSNC, in educational institutions.

- We have 45 executives in the state. It's a brass, guitar, bass, drum, vocalists. Personally, I like to speak out to the youth: she respects the Ukrainians, wakes up patriotism. We love the Ukrainian audience, it is inflexible and grateful, - said the director of the Center for Musical Art of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies Oleksiy Kozarev.

In addition to the orchestra, students of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Voloshchuk, the inflammatory Katerina Margaryan, the cover band Rejoice Band and others performed. From the scene, the Ukrainian songs "Teche Voda", "Steady, Vozzha", "Old Photos" and "Happiness I Wish You, Ukraine" were sung. Students were delighted.


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