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IAPM Students Discuss Topical Issues of Contemporary International Law

04 April 2018 15:49

Recently, a round table on the topic "Current issues of modern international law" took place on the basis of the Great Department of International Law and Comparative Law, Prince Volodymyr Educational-Scientific Institute of Law with the support of the Director of the Institute Litvinenko Victor Ivanovich a student.

The students of the 4th year of the Economics and Law Technical College at IAPM took part in the round table together with the students of 1, 3, 4 courses and the magistracy of the Educational and Research Institute of Law. The speakers highlighted a number of topical issues of international economic law, international environmental law, international space law and international human rights law. Victor Ivanovich Litvinenko, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, congratulated the participants of the round table and wished them the inspiration and further scientific achievements.

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