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Freshman Debut at Presidential University

13 September 2019 15:31

On a sunny September day, students of the Academy celebrated "Freshman Debut".

The participants of the holiday gathered at the concert hall "Ukraine". IAPM rector Mykola Kurko made a speech. He noted that students of the Academy have an opportunity not only to obtain a fundamental professional education but also to become truly well-developed persons by taking an active part in various competitions, visiting creative studios and sports sections.

And then there were competitions: for the best business card of the training unit, vocal and dance battles. Then everyone moved to the football field where the basketball competition was held. Finally, chess and checkers tournaments completed the "Freshman Debut".

The winners of the competitions:

  • in the competition of business cards—students of the Educational-scientific institute of law;
  • in competition for the best performance of a popular song—a team of the Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and the Educational-Scientific Institute of Management, Economics, and Finance;
  • in competition for the best dance performance—freshmen of the Faculty of Pharmacy;
  • in football competitions—the team of IAPM Economic and Legal Technical School;
  • in the basketball competition—athletes from IAPM Economic and Legal Technical School;
  • in the chess tournament—athletes from IAPM Economic and Legal Technical School;
  • in chess competitions—students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Law.

Congratulations to the winners!

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