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IAPM held an international scientific-practical conference "Legal state and democratic society: factors of development and interaction"

18 April 2016 11:47

April 14 at the premises of Vladimir the Great Institute of Law international scientific-practical conference "Legal state and democratic society: development and interaction of factors" was held. The organizers of the conference which has caused considerable interest among scientists and public were: Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, International Personnel Academy, Confederation of non-state higher educational institutions of Ukraine, Vladimir the Great Institute of Law, NGO "Ukrainian Assembly of the doctors on the government".

Conference was opened by the Rector of IAPM Doctor of Law, Professor Kurko, and than people heard a number of meaningful reports from reputable domestic legal scholars, historians, political scientists, including:

- Revolution Advantages - different approaches to the legal assessment. Zarosilo Vladimir, Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Security management, Law enforcement and anti-corruption activities, IAPM;

- Features of Ukrainian reforms: the origins of modernity. Surmin Yuri, Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Head of the Department of Public Administration and Self-Government, IAPM;

- Ukrainian state problems: marginal notes with bitterness in his heart. Holovaty Nikolai, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Vice-rector for scientific and educational work at IAPM;

- Influence of post-revolutionary processes in development of the legal state. Pereguda Eugene, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture;

- Some ways of increasing the effectiveness of preventing and combating corruption. Litvinenko Viktor, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Director of Institute of Law;

- The future of civil rights in Ukraine. Dahno Ivan Ivanovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations, IAPM;

- The problem of values ​​and civilizational connections between East and West in the context of armed conflict in Donbass. Piljaev Igor, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, IAPM.

The conference also raised questions about the actual problems of struggle against corruption in Ukraine, modernization of national legislation in order to bring it closer to EU standards, content of the scientific definition of "legal state", historical stage of becoming a legal state and impact of this process the ideology of liberalism, electronic judicial development and other issues related to the modernization of Ukraine issues.

Proceedings of the conference participants were published in a special issue of the IAPM scientific journal "Problems of modernization of Ukraine".

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