IAPM held an Open Day

21 February 2017 15:16

February 18 the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management held an Open Day.

That day its doors opened Presidential University, Desnyanskiy Institute IAPM, Desnyanskiy Economics and Law College of IAPM, Economics and Law technical college IAPM, as well as many other Academy institutions across the country.

On the Open Doors Academy enrollees came with their parents. Everyone get the necessary information about the entry. For parents and students worked consultants who answered all the questions. In particular, parents were interested in teaching staff and the future prospect of the employment of their children. The entrants found out about learning time, especially in the current entry as well as the EIT certificate subjects.

Everybody who wished, received a discount in payment for education in the amount of 20%.

Olga Korobiy

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