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Attention to applicants: a consulting center to assist incoming at your service

07 July 2017 12:22

In order to assist applicants when submitting applications electronically, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management established a consulting center at the admissions office.

Qualified staff of the Academy will help applicants to create an electronic cabinet, scan and download the application to the document on total secondary education, submit an electronic application; As well as provide comprehensive answers to questions about the specifics of admission in 2017, the features of training in various specialties, will conduct excursions in the institutes, familiarize with the academic and scientific base of the Academy, and talk about job opportunities for graduates.

It is worth noting that in the consultation center at the admission committee IAPM applicants can apply to any university in Ukraine.

The consulting center is open from Monday to Friday at: Frometovskaya str. 2, building 1.

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