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Concept-terminology dictionary "Church Terms" was published

16 April 2019 16:03

Under the auspices of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, the concept-terminology dictionary "Church Terms" was published. The authors of the dictionary are well-known Ukrainian scholars: Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor, Vice-rector of IAPM Yevgen Alexandrovich Romanenko; Candidate of Law, Assistant Professor, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the IAPM Rostislav Georgievch Schokin; Doctor of Theology, Associate Professor Dionisiy Martishin and PhD in Economics Anatoliy Ivanovich Bogdanenko. Reviewers of the publication were Bishop Gabriil (Crisina), Doctor of Theology, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Theological Sciences; priest Pavlo Bochkov, Doctor of Theology, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Modern Humanities; M.F. Holovatiy, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of National Education of Ukraine and V.M. Voronin, doctor of historical sciences, director of the Center for the organization of scientific work and innovations in the educational process of the IAPM.

This is one of the first editions of this kind in our country – a practical encyclopedia for the beginning members of the Church. The dictionary will help to understand the main issues of the Orthodox faith, church holidays and sacraments, to give basic ideas about worship, clothing clergy, liturgical accessories, structure of the church hierarchy.

The dictionary is prepared for young people, students of vocational schools, who deliberately chose not only the future profession but are preparing to enter an independent life and start their church path.

Congratulations with the release of such an important publication and we wish authors greater scientific and creative success!

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