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Congratulations with Knowledge Day!

01 September 2019 00:18

Dear students, graduate students, teachers, scientific and pedagogical workers!

Congratulations with Knowledge Day!

The Ukrainian people always appreciated wisdom, education, science, and thanks to this, they created their own unique culture, presented the world with many outstanding educators and scientists.

Education is the reliable foundation on which the well-being of any country is built. Therefore, we must do everything possible so that every citizen can get deep knowledge, reveal his talents, make friends with sports, become a real patriot.

Before us is a new stage in our responsible and noble work, a new step on the path to educating an independent, proactive and focused generation. First of all, I want to appeal to students, teachers with the wishes to always strive for high results in the study and teaching of disciplines. Be always active and successful. We wish you good health, endless energy and optimism.

Vice-rector of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management E.A. Romanenko

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