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Academy Expands the Sphere of Partnership

12 February 2018 15:54

The private joint-stock company "Higher educational institution Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" and the Higher School of Management in Warsaw agreed on a scientific, educational, scientific and methodological cooperation aimed at the development of academic and scientific activities of both parties. The agreement on cooperation, which provides mutual recognition of curricula and joint training of students, was signed by rector of the Academy Mykola Nestorovich Kurko and rector of the GSOM in Warsaw Pavel Stanislav Chernetsky.

What are the benefits of the students and academics?

- From now on IAPM students will have the opportunity to participate in the "double diploma" program;

- MAUP teachers will be able to lecture, conduct research, seminars and consultations on the territory of the higher partner, which will increase their professional level;

- the higher schools will exchange experience of scientific and educational work, enrich it and distribute it.

Joint research on topical problems of science, which are of mutual interest, is also planned.

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