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Happy Birthday to rector of the Academy!
02 2018 15:25

Happy Birthday to rector of of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Kurk Mykola Nistorovich! Mykola Kurko - Doctor of Law, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher

PU IAPM still working in regular mode
02 2018 14:01

Since May 2010, the Presidential University of IAPM has been converted to renewable energy through the energy efficiency program

Table tennis competitions were held at IAPM: college students are leaders again
28 2018 16:44

On February 28, the Academy hosted table tennis competitions among students. Each team had 2 boys and 1 girl. In total, 15 students participated in the competition

The IAPM hosted a song contest of duets
22 2018 16:43

On February 21, the traditional competition of vocal duets "Motive for Two" took place in the Ukrainian Concert Hall IAPM

Psychologist of the Main Department of the NDSU of Ukraine in the Poltava Region held a stress-resistance workshop
22 2018 16:01

Psychologists of the Main Department of the NDSU of Ukraine in the Poltava region continue educational activities with residents of Poltava region

Open Doors took place at IAPM
19 2018 21:30

Yesterday a supermarket employee, and tomorrow - a bank employee. Yesterday, you were a waiter and served customers, and you will become a lawyer tomorrow and you will not be dismissed from clients

Orchestra Performed at the Interregional Academy
14 2018 11:25

Before the faculty and students of the Academy, the Variety Orchestra of the Center for Musical Arts of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies, made its congratulations to the audience 20 years

Academy Expands the Sphere of Partnership
12 2018 15:54

The private joint-stock company "Higher educational institution Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" and the Higher School of Management in Warsaw agreed on a scientific, educational

IAPM students took part in the city competition of folk art
12 2018 14:36

Alina Levenchuk, a 6th year student at the Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences of the IAPM, took part in the urban folk art competition

Students of the Academy honored Kruty heroes
01 2018 16:44

This week Ukrainians honor the fallen in late January 1918 in a battle near Kruty

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