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Congratulations to Anna Gidzhelitska on victory in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Civil Protection!
26 2019 15:25

The Olympiad was attended by 93 students, representing 34 institutions of higher education

A trial External independent evaluation took place on the basis of the Khmelnitsky Institute
26 2019 11:40

More than 400 participants of the EIT, graduates of secondary schools, college students and vocational education institutions came to the Institute

The Solemn Ceremony for Graduates of the Danube Branch
26 2019 11:09

On March 23, 2019, the ceremonial awarding of diplomas to bachelors and masters took place

Open Day at the Zhytomyr Institute
25 2019 10:56

On the eve of the Open Day a large vocational guidance work was carried out at schools and colleges in Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region

Congratulations on the birthday of L. V. Kostenko!
22 2019 12:09

In the Danube branch there was a literary holiday, dedicated to the International Day of Poetry

Student graduation was held at Khmelnytsky Institute
22 2019 12:07

On March, 20, was a significant and joyous event - the solemn handing of diplomas to graduates

Training with practicing psychologist Juliana Kozarevska
21 2019 11:14

The training was devoted to questions of motivation and ways of effective goal achievement

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