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Professor of MAUP was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
01 August 2017 16:17

Congratulations to Eugene Romanenko with a high award. We wish you new creative achievements, fruitful scientific activity and inexhaustible energy in the field of education

"U-Control" - a unique technology that allows the student to obtain up to date information in 1 minute
24 July 2017 19:59

The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management has opened access to the unique resource "U-Control"

In Khmelnytsky Institute IAPM solemn presentation of diplomas took place!
19 July 2017 15:59

July 13th ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates of the Institute and College

On July 15, the Academy held an Open Day
17 July 2017 10:30

All the guests who came to the walls of the university on that day were able to get acquainted with the educational institution, its history and traditions and received information about the rules of

The Institute of Law held a graduation ceremony
14 July 2017 18:26

Recently, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management hosted the graduation of students studying in the specialty "Law"

Cooperation of the scientific library with students and teachers of the Odessa Institute of MAUP
10 July 2017 10:16

A meeting with the representative of the Odessa National Science Library was held at the Odessa Institute of MAUP

Attention to applicants: a consulting center to assist incoming at your service
07 2017 12:22

In order to assist applicants when applying electronically to the IAPM, a consultancy center was set up at the admission committee

The Ministry of Education confirmed the certificate that IAPM was included in the State Register of Scientific Institutions
05 July 2017 19:46

IAPM received a certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of the VG No

Ten years of successful cooperation of Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM with the Ukrainian Center for the Assessment of the Quality of Education
01 July 2017 10:12

For eight years now the Institute has been operating a registration point for individuals who wish to undergo external independent evaluation

On the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, IAPA professors were awarded with a certificate of honor
28 June 2017 18:54

Congratulations to Eugene Alexandrovich Romanenko with another high award

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