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Conference "Science as a Driving Force for Effective State Development"
20 2019 11:40

International scientific and practical conference was held at the Odessa Institute

The Open Day took place at the Danubian branch
20 2019 11:23

It was attended by secondary school students from the Bolgrad, Renaissance and Izmail districts and the city of Izmail

Debate on the occasion of the All-Ukrainian Day of Sciences
19 2019 12:45

Students from the Danubian branch took part in the debates on the topic "The impact of marketing on the formation of public opinion and human behavior"

Meeting of leaders of student self-government of Khmelnytsky universities
18 2019 17:04

The extraordinary meeting was attended by the leaders of student self-government of the Khmelnytskyi Institute and the IAPM College

Classes in the military department
18 2019 12:25

Students of the military department are taking a practical classes

Meeting with the priest of the Cathedral
17 2019 13:13

For students of the Danubian branch, a meeting with the priest of the Cathedral Father Pavel was organized

"Psychological Culture and Contemporary Leadership" at the Odessa Institute
17 2019 12:26

The training was held within the psychological service of the institute

The work of the student council is recognized as satisfying
17 2019 12:11

The Student Self-Government Reporting Board was held in the Danubian branch of IAPM

Eternal Ukrainian Amulets
16 2019 13:09

Meeting of student youth with a crafts master Lyubov Vasylivna Dudina

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