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The students of the Academy became participants of the regional eco-excursion
07 June 2017 19:52

Traveling Cherkassy and Kiev regions, excursionists visited picturesque, interesting, in many ways unique places

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine awarded with the diploma the leadership of the IAPM
06 June 2017 20:10

Congratulations to Rostislav Georgievich and Yevgeny Alexandrovich on receiving honorary awards

The Severodonetsk Institute hosted a conference on the development of Ukrainian society and the state
01 June 2017 21:57

All the presentations aroused the interest of the audience, and at times the real discussion

Issue No. 2 (7) of the scientific collection "Public Administration" was published
31 May 2017 19:41

Today the collection is the only professional publication on public administration in Ukraine, in which all articles are printed in English

Professor of the Academy was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir
31 May 2017 15:14

Congratulations to Eugene Alexandrovich Romanenko on receiving a high award

IAPM hosted the Open Doors Day
29 May 2017 21:39

On May 27, IAPM hosted all those who wished to familiarize themselves with the educational institution, its customs and traditions

The specialty "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy" was opened in the Academy
29 May 2017 19:13

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education No. 100-l of May 22, 2017 "On Licensing Educational Activities", MAUP issued a license for training in the specialty "Pharmacy"

Students of the Khmelnytsky Institute MAUP took part in the event "City of professions - 2017"
29 May 2017 12:51

Visitors had the opportunity to feel themselves as graduates of the Khmelnytsky Institute of the private enterprise "Higher Educational Institution "MAUP "

Another IAPM teacher received a PhD in Public Administration
24 May 2017 20:21

Congratulations to the associate professor of the Department of Public Administration Sergey Viktorovich Levtsov with a degree and a high post

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