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Open Day "Library is a World of New Opportunities"

29 September 2017 15:46

For the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, our friends and aides - the branch number 4 of the adult libraries - held for the first-year students of the Danube branch of the CJSC Institute of Higher Education IAPM, an Open Day under the slogan "Library is a World of New Opportunities". As part of the event, the head of the branch S. Kosyichuk acquainted young men and women with the history of librarianship, interesting libraries of the world, and talked about the library fund and the reference and information office of the branch. A separate detailed presentation was devoted to the local history card index of the branch, which is invariably in demand among students, helping to find materials on the history, literature and art of the native land, as well as on environmental problems in the Danube region.

Student youth examined the exposition of local history literature and research materials on the history of our region devoted to the Day of the city "Ishmael - you are the souls of my wings...", presented by a selection of local lore literature, and "In the poems of the sung Ishmael", collected from the publications of works of local poets.

The librarian of the reading room P. Tsivernya familiarized the students with the exhibition-advertisement "Books that know ALL" (encyclopaedias, reference books, dictionaries), an exhibition-recommendation "How to Train Memory", conducted an exciting library workshop "Reference Books and Information Fund of the Library to Help Students", Acquainted the youth with the rules of registration of the bibliographic list in the abstract, course work, told about the independent work with reference books, catalogs of the library, Internet resources.

The sphere of prospects for youth was the topic of the guest speaker's speech - the specialist of the Employment Center Larysa Stepanenko. The speaker's story covered information about the services of the employment service, the state of the labor market, job search opportunities for the youth of the city and the district. In addition, the students got acquainted with the site of the employment center, the possibilities of online training on the project "Prometheus", career guidance testing on the site "My Career", the rules for creating a resume and preparing for an interview with the employer.

For free acquaintance in the halls and foyer of the library for the guests were organized: an exhibition of creative works of readers, craftsmen of the club of decorative and applied creativity "Fantasy", an exhibition of the works of the society of Ismail photographers "Jupiter" (under the direction of Zinkovsky S.), "Panoramas of the Danube and its sights ", An exhibition of works by young artists of Ishmael, pupils of the School of Artists (teacher Bondar LA)" Flowers of the native city for the good and consent ", dedicated to the World Day of Tourism and the Day of the City of Izmail.

At the end of the organizational program, students congratulated the library staff, Svetlana Petrovna Kosiychuk, Galina Petrovna Tsibirnya and Natalia Vladimirovna Shefov on the upcoming Day of the Librarian, as well as the Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia. The guests and hosts of the solemn event and the next meeting agreed at the meeting of the student's club "Komilfo" on the topic "Ukraine Cossack: the memory of the centuries of history" (on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and the Day of Cossacks).


Diana Kaliga, a third-year student of the Danube branch of ZAO Higher Educational Institution IAPM

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