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Dictator for International Literacy Day at Chernihiv Institute

09 September 2019 11:10

For several years, Chernihiv Institute has been conducting the traditional all-institution dictation for International Literacy Day, in which not only students but also teachers are involved. The dictator's goal is to remind people of the importance of being literate.

This year, everyone was able to remember the Ukrainian spelling and test their mother tongue. The dictator was prepared by the teacher, associate professor of the department of general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines Boldireva V. M. Having a deep meaning, the dictator helped people to feel involved in the culture and spirituality of our people, to reach their roots and sense of their own identity through creativity. After all, such unity in working together helps us to prove our love for our mother tongue and our native land, to feel responsible for its maintaining and to be involved in this great cause.

The winners of the dictatorship contest "Your Majesty, Literacy!" became:

  • 1st place—Yulia Lavrinenko, a 3rd-year student, gr. INZ-9-17BIP;
  • 2nd place—Eugene Bugrim, a 3rd-year student, gr. INZ-9-17BIP;
  • 3rd place—Kateryna Rudenok, a 1st-year student, gr. INZ-9-19 BIUPP.

The path to language excellence begins with the love of the mother tongue, the desire to master it, to feel responsible for it. We hope that the students of the institute will continue to improve their literacy and permanently raise their level of linguistic culture and education.

Press Center of IAPM Chernihiv Institute

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