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Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Tourism at Khmelnitsky Institute of IAUP visited the opening of a honey processing plant

27 September 2017 14:56

September 12, 2017, the head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Tourism at the Khmelnitsky Institute of the IAUP Vladimir Kotsyuk visited the solemn opening of the modern BEEHIVE honey processing plant in the Cherkasy region.

BEEHIVE has 5000 square meters of capacity, producing 40 tons of natural honey, which collects from different regions of Ukraine. The enterprise is one of the largest in Ukraine in its branch, it received the necessary international certification.
The lion's share of honey production in Ukraine falls on small producers. Therefore, it is precisely the association in the cooperative that will allow Ukrainian beekeepers to lobby for their interests more effectively before exporters, the state and foreign partners.

On September 16-17, Vladimir Dmitrievich took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Beekeeping as a component of sustainable development".

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